SOUTH PURCELL MOUNTAINS – Access from East Kootenay

SOUTH PURCELLS – Access from east – Rocky Mountain Trench
Road Access from the East

Bugaboo Creek FSR
Bugaboo Provincial Park
Conrad Kain Hut Trail 
Cobalt Lake Trail
Cobalt Lake – Conrad Kain Loop Route/Trail
Between Bugaboo & Horsethief Creek

Frances Creek FSR
to Lead Queen Mine
◊ Ethelbert Group (Septets, Ethelbert, Horeb)

Forster Creek FSR

◊ Taurus Group (Quintets, Virgin, Taurus)
◊ Starbird Ridge (Gwendolin, Scotch Peaks, Welsh Peaks, Irish Peaks)
Welsh Lakes Trail
Thunderwater Lake Trail

◊ The Main Uplift
Hamish Mutch Climbs all 11,000ers

Horsethief Creek FSR
◊ Stockdale Group (Stockdale, Tricorn, Dorothy, Camp, Eyebrow, Birthday)
◊ Farnham Group (Farnham Tower, Farnham, Hammond, Peter, Delphine, Spearhead, Redline, Catherine, Sultana, Nelson, Trafalgar, Black Diamond, Monument)
HM Farnham Tower
K Redline Pk
K Mt Nelson
Lake of the Hanging Glacier Trail
◊ Commander Group (Granite, Maye, Commander, Guardsmen, Jumbo, Karnak, Lieutenants)
B Commander, Karnak, Jumbo

Toby Creek FSR
Earl Grey Pass Trail
Jumbo Pass Trail 
◊ Toby Group (Stark, Hyak, Christine, Toby, Hamill, Lady Grey)

Findlay Creek FSR (Whitetail Lake, Dutch Creek, east Purcell Wilderness Conservancy)
◊ East PWC – Findlay Group (Findlay, Lees, Clutterbuck, Granite & Morigeau Cks)

Meachen Ck FSR
Meachen Ck FSR Trails
K Mt Evans
K White Grouse Mt

Perry River FSR
K Nogalski Pk

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