SPILLIMACHEEN NORTH FSR: turn left onto signed Parsons River Crossing at Parsons, 67 km. north of Radium Hot Springs; driven to McMurdo Creek junction at km. 55.6 in 08/09; good quality 2WD all the way
McMurdo Creek FSR Turn left off Spillimacheen North FSR @ km. 55.6; driven 9.6 km. to meadows in 08/09; verging on 4WD high clearance

HORSETHIEF CREEK ROAD: at Radium jct. (4.25 hrs. from Nelson), turn L or W. at the flashing light and drive towards the sawmill; right at the mill, turn L onto Horsethief rd; at km
9km Go straight through the 4-way junction
13.1km Do not go R up the signed Forrester-Horsethief FSR, but do go L up the unsigned road
35km Go L (unsigned, I think) leads up McDonald Creek
37.5km. Helipad from which KMC flew in ’92
46.5km Park. Footbridge over Horsethief Crk. to Farnham Creek road
McDonald Creek Road Turn L off Horsethief Creek road past the km 35 sign, after you have crossed the unsigned McDonald Creek bridge; very good 2WD road at least to junction at km. 10.8; ignore spurs;
10.8km Redline Creek road goes L driven to this point 09/08;
Redline Creek Road Turn L. off McDonald Creek road @ km. 10.8 (unsigned); spur goes left almost immediately; road recently upgraded but still rough; pass log cabin; road crosses increasingly washed out water courses; stopped by big washout @ km. 1 (406-938, 6900′) in 09/08; walked road to end; it crosses to west bank of Redline Creek on a ford in glacial outwash; continues switching up to mine site at 8300′
Spur Left off Redline Creek Recent logging spur; drove to end at landing in ca. 1 km. 09/08
Farnham Creek Road at km. 46.5 on Horsethief rd. is parking area and footbridge for Farnham Creek rd; cross Horsethief and walk up road. At about 40 min. walk, is another footbridge crossing Farnham Creek. Walked 1 hr. 50 min. in 8/98 to reach creek draining great SW basin of Mt. Farnham. Road is excellent walking through timber and is used by mtn. bikers.

TOBY CREEK FSR: turn off off #93/95 at Invermere junction; at km. 2.3, turn R onto signed Panorama/Wilmer road. Zero odometer
1.8km Turn L onto Toby Creek road
19km Continue past Panorama ski resort
26.9km Delphine FSR goes R
28.5km S. Placer FSR goes L
32.5km Coppercrown FSR goes L
33.5km Stark Creek Rd. goes L. Road crosses Toby Creek to R
37.6km Reach road end & junction with Jumbo Creek road; go L or straight to parking lot for Earl Grey Pass Trail; driven 07/78 & 07/09
Delphine FSR Goes R off Toby Creek FSR at km. 28.5; driven to Mt. Nelson trailhead in 08/00;
South Placer FSR Goes L off Toby Creek FSR at km. 28.5; not explored
Coppercrown FSR Goes L off Toby Creek FSR at km. 32.5; not explored
South Placer FSR  Goes L off Toby Creek FSR at km. 33.4; not explored
Jumbo Creek FSR Goes R at end of Toby Creek FSR @ km. 37.6. Zero odometer.
5km Turn left (signed “Jumbo Pass”) & cross to S. bank of Jumbo Creek

PERRY CREEK FSR: turn left onto King St. NW at the stoplight in Cranbrook as you come from the west; drive this paved road north (this becomes Wycliffe Road; at km. 12, turn L onto signed road for Wycliffe Park
3.5km Go L (R is St. Mary River road)
15.1km (14 sign) Bear R
20km Go straight on a lesser road
25km Turn L & cross Perry Creek bridge
28.5km Cross Galway Creek bridge; past bridge, go R; beyond, road may become marshy; 33.8km Parking for Richmond Lake trail; at km.
34.3km Goldrun Lake trailhead and camping; driven 7/09; road beyond this may lead to Perry Pass
Lisbon Creek FSR Goes right off Perry Creek FSR @ km. 12.6


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