You can’t see the spires until the final turn of the road up to the trailhead parking area. The thrill of that initial glimpse of Hound’s Tooth, jutting from the chaos of Bugaboo Glacier is one you never get tired of.
This is a great trail with ever-improving views. The trail leaves from the parking lot and follows the northern lateral moraine of Bugaboo Glacier. Higher up, it ascends granite cliffs using a ladder and steps build into the rock.

Location: Bugaboo Provincial Park, north side.
Difficulty: C1
Elevation gain: 700m
Key elevations: TH 1530m (5020′); Hut elevation 2,230 m (7,315 ft)
Distance: 5km one-way
Time: 3-4 hours
Access: Good gravel road
Season: July to September
Map: 82K/10 Howser Creek and 82K/15 Bugaboo Creek

Drive: From Radium, drive 26km northwest on Hwy 95 to Brisco. Turn left (west).
0.0 Start of signed road to Bugaboo Provincial Park. Follow the main road across the Columbia River.
4.7km Up a steep bumpy section
6.8km 4-way intersection with Westside road: Continue straight.
17.5km Turn right. (left goes to Cartwrigth Lakes)
22.3km Go straight. (right goes to Driftwood River)
38.2km Bugaboo Falls FS Recreation Site. Camping and hike to waterfalls.
45km Turn right for Bugaboo PP and trails. (left goes to Chalice Creek). Don’t park at the CMH Lodge. Park 1.5km further along the service road.
46.5 Parking for hikes. Porcupines!

Trail: Hike the wonderful 5km trail in about 3 hours. Views get progressively better. It’s fun going through the cliff band.
Make this the end of the loop trail from Cobalt Lake. Camp at the Boulder Campsite near the hut if desired or stay at Applebee for 2 nights and walk all the way out on your last day. The hut is full of smelly climbers – have a look around but staying in a tent would be much nicer.

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