Here are included the peaks along and adjacent to the watershed between Earl Grey Pass and the S extremity of the Toby snowfield, as well as certain of the isolated summits lying S of Toby Creek between its main stem and Dutch Creek. The peaks on the long ridge extending W from the Hamill massif are covered elsewhere. The peaks surrounding Toby and Hamill Glaciers are closely connected and form the principal uplift immediately S of Earl Grey Pass. The Toby snowfield terminates in a glacier whose retreat was measured by A. A. McCoubrey. The glacier receded 1308′ in the period 1915-1929. Climbs in this group are predomi­nantly on snow/ice.

ACCESS. From the end of the Toby Creek road at Toby village, an old horse trail extends some 8 mi farther to the head of Toby valley and the terminus of Toby Glacier. To reach the Hamill massif, leave the Toby valley about 2 mi beyond the junction of S Toby Creek and ascend 2000′ to Earl Grey Pass. An intermediate camp is often placed just below the Pass on the W, in a beautiful setting.
Descend to and cross the S terminal fork of Hamill Creek, then work up through the steep bluffs to larch meadows via the first stream bed right (N) of the conspicuous waterfall from Hamill Glacier. Good photo of Hamill Peaks in CAJ 21, facing p 38. One day’s work to either the tongue of Toby Glacier or Earl Grey Pass, an additional day to the meadows below Mt Lady Grey. The trail over Earl Grey Pass has recently been cleared along Hamill Creek all the way to Duncan Lake.

Maps: 82K/lW, 82K/2E, 82K/7E, 82K/SW.

COPPERCROWN MT   3114m   10218′
4 mi SSE of Toby Creek PO.
From camp below old frontal moraine at head of Coppercrown Creek, cross dry glacier to W and ascend to col (9200) NW of objective. Descend 100′ to reach snow which is followed to rocks of main peak. Few difficulties on quartzite broken into tabular form. Ascent 3½ hr
FA K. Maccallum, A. A. & B. McCoubrey, N. Reilly. N approach, 8/1925

MT STARK   3063m   10050′
l½ mi W of Coppercrown Mt at head of Stark Creek.
Approach from Toby Creek village along ridge to W of Stark Creek to camp at timberline near head of W terminal fork. Ascend over loose sedimentary slabs of NW ridge to steeper final section (500′). Eight leads of F3 on firmer rock to top. Descend E ridge, then snow chute to N glacier, traversing W to regain camp. RT 12 hr.
FA J. Jeglum, D. Morgan, 7/1974

HYAK MT   2961m   9716′
One of several peaks in the 9500′-10000′ class located be­tween S Toby Creek and the main stem of Dutch Creek. Little mountaineering interest.

MT KATHERINE   2941m   9650′
Near SE end of Toby Neve overlooking s Toby Creek; im­mediately N of Mt Christine (see Griswold).

MT CHRISTINE   2941m   9650′
At SE end of Toby Neve (see Griswold).

GRISWOLD PEAK   2941m   9650′
Highest peak at S head of Toby Neve (incorrectly located on 82K/2); 1½ mi W of Mt Christine.
1. Circuit E-W. Cross Toby Glacier and snowfield from camp near glacier snout and traverse Mt Katherine from NE to SW (5 hr). Continue S to Mt Christine (1 hr). Descend to neve and cross to NE buttress of Griswold Peak. Steep broken rock forces a traverse on narrow ledges of E face to flank a series of ribs. The upper snow leads easily to top (2½ hrs). Descend W to neve and rejoin route of approach. RT 11 hr.
FA (of all three) Jul 192 , E Cromwell, J. G. Hillhouse, J.Thormgton, C. Kam.

MT TOBY (Gleason)    3222m   10572′
2 mi S of Earl Grey Pass, forming retaining wall between Toby and Hamill snowfields.
1. South Slopes. By way of Toby Glacier and Neve, swing around mountain to SE and S. Ascend rising tributary glacier on S side to upper snowfields, reaching the summit along a final ridge of granite.
FA C. D. Ellis, Mr. & Mrs. G.D. Emerson, E.W. Harnden. 7/1911
2. N Ridge. Gain foot of N ridge from Toby Glacier, then traverse a snow­ band on W face to a buttress which is climbed almost to the ridge itself. Again traverse on W to a smooth rib which is outflanked by descending 150′ to narrow ledges. Climb firm granite to crest and take it to summit. Ascent 7 hr; descent by Route l, 4 hr. Good route.
Thorington party (see Griswold Peak), 7/1928

UNNAMED #3   3063m   10050′
Head of Hamill Glacier, between Mts Toby and Hamill.
From camp as for Mt Hamill (which see), cross above icefall of Hamill Glacier, passing a tiny lake,. and ascend main glacier to upper basin below objective. Climb directly the firm quartzite, over­ coming a chimney and rock couloir en route, to the peculiar summit, two pinnacles 12′ high, a yard wide, and spaced a yard apart. Ascent 4½ hr.
FA A. A. & B. McCoubrey, E. Feuz, Jr, 8/1924

MT HAMILL   3243   10640′
Highest peak of group W of Earl Grey Pass across S terminal fork of Hamill Creek; between latter and Carney Creek.
From camp (6800) above headwaters of Hamill Creek basin, on meadows below Mt Lady Grey just N of Hamill icefall. Approach up Hamill Glacier to SE corner of the peak which is turned to a high col on the S ridge, rock and corniced snow leading there­ after to the top. Ascent 5 hr (CAJ 21-38). For traverse, see Mt Lady Grey.
FA A. A. McCoubrey, E. Feuz, Jr, 8/1924

MT LADY GREY   3155m   10350′
3 mi W of Earl Grey Pass; 1½ mi N of Mt Hamill
1. E Ridge. From camp located as for Mt Hamill (which see), ascend alplands above true left lateral moraine of Hamill Glacier, eventually swinging left onto the ice itself. After crossing the bergschrund, climb along the E ridge, ascending a long couloir of disintegrating mica schist on its far side. Regaining the ridge, climb on excellent quartzite to the top, the actual sum­ mit being a short distance farther along the crest. Ascent 6½ hr.
FA A. A. & B. McCoubrey, E. Feuz, Jr, 8/1924
2. S Ridge. After climbing Mt Hamill (which see), descend its N ridge. passing towers on E slope, to Hamill-Lady Grey col (9400, 3 hr from Mt Hamill). Climb ridge directly to summit (I½ hr). Descent by Route 1. Complete circuit, 15 hr.
G. Brown, N. Dougan, 1967

UNNAMED #4   2941m   9650′
¾ mi N of Mt Lady Grey.
From main stem of Hamill Creek, bushwhack N up stream into basin NW of objective. Continue up valley to small glacier, crossing it to W side after which sloping quartzite slabs are climbed to the long curving NW ridge. The ridge becomes narrow, with numerous gendarmes and notches, affording sporting climb­ ing. 9 hr from bivouac at 5500′.
FA A. A. McCoubrey, F. & R. Neave, 8/

ROCK SPIKE   2911m   9550′
Sharp N outlier of Hamill massif.

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