MOUNT ST THOMAS    2057m   6750′
This minor Rossland Range peak sits above Highway 3 and the KVR rail line where they turn from heading south to WWS.

Location: Overlooks Hwy 3 about 6kms SSE of the Paulson Bridge.
Difficulty: A1
Elevation gain: 200m
Distance: 1km
Time: 1 hour one-way
Access: Any vehicle
Season: late June to October
Map: 82E/1 Grand Forks

Drive: From the Nancy Green Junction, drive west on Hwy 3 to Bonanza Pass, about 4kms before the Paulson cut-off road. Turn left (south) and drive on Bonanza Creek FSR 12kms to just below the Mt St Thomas.

Route: An hour to the summit with a large 800W solar array with communications equipment. There was a profusion of wild flowers and nice views towards Old Glory. Take a slightly different route back to avoid a steep rock bluff climbed on the ascent.

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