A maintained trail that starts on Kootenay Lake with a TH on a highway is detracted by being totally in the trees. Used mostly by locals as a shoulder season half-day hike and by visitors to the park. 

Location: Lockhart Provincial Park on east shore of Kootenay Lake 
Difficulty: A1 to B1 depending on distance
Elevation gain: 527m (1730′); 1442m (4730′) to park boundary (descends to Baker Lake and Akokli FSR.
Key elevations: Parking 540m (1770′), 
Distance: 4.8kms one-way;  13km to park boundary
Time: 4 hours 
Access: Any vehicle
Season: May through November
Map: 82F/10 Crawford Bay and 82F/7 Boswell

Drive: From Crawford Bay Village, drive on Hwy 3A south 19.6km (12.2mi). 
From Creston, drive on Hwy 3A north 51.5km (32mi). Cross Akokli Creek at 41.2km. 
Turn east into Lockhard Creek PP parking lot 540m (1770′).

Trail: Start on the signed trail. In 15 and 30 minutes, pass through some large cedars. At 4km, pass a cabin. Walk as far as desired. Going all the way to the ridge at the east boundary of the park is 13kms and a 1442m climb. 
Baker Lake, below Akokli Mt to the SE, is 152m (500′) down and 76m up to reach.

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