The MacBeth Icefield is easily accessible,  flat and an easy traverse. The north access is up the north fork of Glacier Creek. The south access is the MacBeth Icefield trail. Shuttles are necessary. Glacier travel precautions are necessary – roped and have crevasse rescue capabilities. 
It is best to camp at the north fork of Glacier Creek north access. 

Location: north Glacier Creek 
Elevation gain:
Key elevations:
Access: 2WD except last access road to MacBeth Icefield Trail 
Season: early July to October
Map: 82K/7 Duncan Lake 

Drive: From junction with road going south to Argenta, Johnson’s Landing and Fry Creek Canyon. Zero odometer. 
0.0 Go straight on Duncan FSR, cross Hamill Creek in 200m and continue north along Duncan Lakes SE shore.
9.2km Go straight. Left is the Glacier Creek Recreation Site.
9.7km Go right (NE) and ascend onto Duncan-Glacier Creek FSR. (left continues north along the Duncan Lake and River). 12.9km road is at creek level
14km Rainbow’s End Ranch. Free ranging animals. 18.1km cross side creek.
20.1km Junction. Go straight on main road. (left is to the MacBeth Icefield TH). Place a shuttle vehicle here. 
21.7km Cross Glacier Creek
33.7km After another bridged creek, junction. Go left (NW) up the north fork of Glacier Creek towards the Monica Meadows TH. Right (east) is to Jumbo Pass and Horseshoe Glacier. Zero odometer.
0.0 Go NW up the north fork of Glacier Creek
1.7km Continue straight (NW) about 2kms to road end at a washed out bridge over Glacier Creek. (right (NE) goes uphill on Monica Road). Park and camp . 

Route/Trail: North access: Cross the Glacier Creek on log jams upstream. Walk up the continuation of  the N fork road, now very overgrown as it climbs up to the centre, high point in the cutblock where there is a large old snag. In the trees, it is a moderate bushwhack staying to the ridge line heading NW. The ridge jogs left twice. At the second jog, cross onto the west side of the ridge and access the moraine. Walk NW gaining the glacier north of Mt MacDuff. Circle around MacDuff and climb the rocks to the right to access the neve. Rope up and cross the completely flat glacier heading due south for 3.5kms to the SW corner of MacBeth Icefield. Elevation gain is about 200′ on the glacier. Mt Fleance is 1km to the west and Mt Banquo 1km WSW of Fleance.  
Descend heading for the east end of a tarn not marked on the map. Stay high heading for the ridge due south of the lake (cairn). Walk down the ridge until cairns mark the trail on the west side of the ridge. The views to Graymalkin Falls and Lake are spectacular. Walk out the MacBeth Icefield Trail to the shuttle vehicle. 

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