UNNAMED 2492 m   8176′
Map: 82F/7 Boswell

North of Sherman Lake. This minor but attractive peak, featured in Janice Strong’s Mountain Footsteps, makes another ideal fall outing.

Access is via Sanca Creek FSR on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake’s main arm about 46 km. south of Kootenay Bay ferry terminal. Follow the Sanca Creek mainline as for Haystack Mt and turn left at km. 13.7 from Hwy. 3A (signed Sherman Lakes trail). At km. 15.3 and km. 16 continue straight to reach the parking area at km. 16.4 (4WD HC LR beyond km. 13.7 because of waterbars; 1 hr. 25 min. drive up from ferry; very good signage).

Our party of Janice Isaac, Carol Potasnyk, Peter Tchir, and I started hiking at 10:15, following the clearly-signed trail. In 55 min., we reached the lower Sherman Lake at 6950’. We continued in minutes to the bigger lake where the trail ends and skirted its north side by easy bushwhacking. From near the west end, we ascended a prominent couloir of grass and rock (fairly steep but stable) giving onto u/n 2492’s southwest ridge. A couloir farther east, leading to the col at 271-749, looks even easier, although the resulting scramble via the peak’s east ridge may be a little more challenging than our route. From our exit spot on the ridge, we walked to the cairned summit (no record, 2 hrs. 35 min. up, GR 268-749, 8176’) in 5 minutes.

On return, we re-traced our ascent route, reaching the truck in 1 hr. 40 min. for a 5 hr. 20 min. day. We traveled via the 8:10 ferry from Balfour and the 5:20 from Kootenay Bay, so you can see this is not a long trip. The Sherman Lakes, surrounded by larches, are especially attractive at this season.
Kim Kratky

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