Like the Earl Grey Pass Trail, this route between East and West Kootenays was used by explorers, miners and trappers at the turn of the century. Now it is usually used by hikers to gain access to the ridges and the Jumbo Pass Cabin.
Views of the Horseshoe Glacier and less so MacBeth Icefields are stunning. To get to the best views of the proposed Jumbo Resort, hike north from the cabin to Mt Anubis (8450′)

Location: Upper Glacier Creek valley
Difficulty: C1
Elevation gain: 722m (2369′)
Key elevations: TH 1585m (5200′); Jumbo Pass 2272m (7454′); Mt Anubis 8450′
Distance: 4.2km one-way
Time: 3 hours one-way
Access: normal vehicle 
Season: early July to mid-October
Map: 82K/7 Duncan Lake 

Drive: From junction with road going south to Johnson’s Landing/Argenta. Zero odometer. 
0.0 Go straight on Duncan FSR, cross Hamill Creek in 200m and continue north along Duncan Lakes SE shore. 9.2km Go straight. Left is the Glacier Creek Recreation Site.
9.7km Go right (NE) and ascend onto Duncan-Glacier Creek FSR. (left continues north along the Duncan Lake and River. 12.9km Road is at creek level
14km Rainbow’s End Ranch. Free ranging animals. 18.1km cross side creek.
20.1km Junction. Go straight on main road. (left is to the MacBeth Icefield TH)
21.7km Cross Glacier Creek
33.7km After another bridged creek, junction. Right (east) is to Jumbo Pass and Horseshoe Glacier. Left (NW) goes up the north fork of Glacier Creek towards the Monica Meadows TH.
36.7 Park at the TH 1585m (5200′)

Trail: The trail follows old skid trails for over 500m before entering the timber. Water is available on lower reaches of the trail. The scenery is great anytime but especially good in the autumn with larch colour change. Gain steadily on the good trail bed. Near the subalpine, the trail makes use of gullies and ridges, seldom keeping to a good grade. Reach the pass at 2272m (7454′). Head east up the ridge to the Jumbo Pass Cabin. The original cabin was built in the 60s and had a resident pack rat that everyone wanted to take home, he was so cute behind the little door.
A new cabin was built in 1997 and sleeps 10. It can be booked up to 30 days in advance through the Invermere Forest Service (250-342-4200). It is equipped with foamies, propane stoves, cooking pots, dishes and utensils. 

What to do?
1. Climb the ridge to the north toward the Egyptian Peaks. Getting to Mt Anubis 2576m (8450′) 265-797 – the second bump – gives the best views of the upper Jumbo Valley where the proposed ski resort was to be built. The ridge can be scrambled for about 1km more before becoming narrow and rugged before Mt Horus.  
2. Climb Mt Bastille or the two Unnamed peaks to the south. 

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