UNNAMED 2332m   7650’ – A Plaid Lake Peak
Map: 82F/15 Kaslo – 1km east of Plaid Lake 

On September 21st, while on the summit of Mt. Crawford with Howie and Kyle Ridge and Sacha Kalabis, I spied a minor-league peak to the north that looked higher than Crawford. As this seemed a good late-season outing, I returned to climb it on October 3rd.

Catching the 8:10 ferry allowed me to start my venture from the Plaid Lake Trail parking lot at 9:50. As I pulled in after the last 1.6 km. of steep 4WD terrain, I was quite surprised to see another vehicle in the lot on a Thursday; the occupants, with whom I hiked to the col at the base of Crawford, were Discovery Canada guide Ryan Brown and his client Rich, from Atlanta.

On this balmy, sunny day, I stopped at the col for a better look at the approach to my goal, the unnamed 7650’ peak (201- 117) located 1 km. east of Plaid Lake. Following my plan, I descended the trail to a point above a large meadow, crossed the meadow, ascended through light timber to a smaller meadow, and worked my way up and across the peak’s west face (rock slides, grass, dirt and scree) to reach the south ridge at a notch. South of this point, one would face some minor ups and downs along the ridge. From my spot, I walked some flat sections of solid metamorphic rock, did some easy scrambling as the angle steepened, and, beyond a contact zone where the rock turned a darker, lichened black, enjoyed about 20’ of class 3.

On top by 12:25 (2 hrs. 35 min. up), I took a 45 min. lunch break, inspected the impressive cairn built of large, flat plates (no record), and admired the unnamed alpine lake (206-113, 6650’) above Crawford Creek to my east, and the glistening Plaid Lake to the west.

On return, I re-traced my steps almost exactly, returning to the truck by 3:50 (2 hrs. 40 min. return). Recommended easy fall outing.
Kim Kratky

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