These mountains lie mostly W of the main Purcell watershed between the headwaters of Hamill and Glacier Creeks. They extend S from Jumbo Pass (7480, Jumbo to Glacier Creek) to Earl Grey Pass (7475, Toby to Hamill Creek). That small part of the group lying E of the divide rises between Jumbo Creek and the main stem of Toby Creek Those isolated summits located W of the NW branch of the Truce icefield, while geo­ graphically a part of this group, are treated elsewhere (see Chap 5) for reasons of access. In general, the higher peaks in this area are situated W of the main watershed as in the Toby Group to the S. The variable rock includes a reasonable prop­ortion of granite. 

ACCESS. (NB this account is from 1976 and is dated, but was left for interest). The earliest approaches to these peaks by moun­taineering parties were from the E, following Toby Creek and its tributaries, in particular Jumbo Creek. This means of access remains in favour because a logging road, passable to passenger cars, is currently maintained in Jumbo valley, extending some 9 mi from Toby Creek to the vicinity of Jumbo Pass. The principal peaks of the group, clustered around the Truce Icefield, are most conveniently climbed from camps placed in the upper valley of the S terminal fork of Glacier Creek, pref­erably near the tongue of the NE Truce Glacier. A backpack over Jumbo Pass of about 9 hr suffices to reach this spot.

In the wake of recent road building, parties have also utilized the shorter access route up Glacier Creek from the W, approaching peaks around the Truce Icefield by way of the NW glacier and neve. Shorter backpack but considerably longer approach marches.

Maps: 82K/8W, 82K/7E.

MT EARL GREY   3124m   10250′
Highest peak in Wangle between Jumbo and Toby Creeks. 
1. S Ridge. From junction of Toby and Pharaoh Creeks, reach cirque at head of latter. Ascend W along a watercourse, crossing to its W side at a small plateau above lower falls. Angle up W over snow, rock and a small 
hanging glacier to snow saddle in bold S ridge which is fol­ lowed closely, with occasional short traverses on W side. Final towers offer airy climbing. Ascent 9 hr; descent 5 hr.
FA Jul 1928, E. Cromwell, J. G. Hillhouse, J. M. Thorington, C. Kain.

REDTOP MT   3109m   10200′
One mi WSW of Mt Earl Grey.
1. From camp on S terminal fork of Jumbo Creek, ascend over small glacier on NW side to col (9000) in W ridge, from which sum­mit is gained over loose slabs.
FA A. H. & E. L. MacCarthy, C. Kain. 8/1916
2. E Ridge. From camp (6500) above Toby Creek in basin S of objective, cross obvious pass (8200) in SE ridge to gain glacier on SE side of peak. Cross it and ascend steeply to crest of E ridge. A steep pitch on ridge is negotiated by a 120′ crack which widens to a couloir, after which a scramble leads to the top. Ascent 7 hr.
A traverse may be made by descending Route l to the 9000′ col 
– and then rounding the SW side of the mountain to camp; de­ scent 3 hr.
A. A. McCoubrey, F. & R. Neave, 7/1929 

BLOCKHEAD MT   3063m   10050′
A massif of three summits, the highest (E) being flat-topped, between the S terminal fork of Jumbo Creek and Hamill Creek, an easy pass (8200) connecting the two.
Traverse E-W. Reach the pass (8200) E of the massif from the S terminal fork of Jumbo Creek, then ascend the SE ridge, consisting of granite blocks and slabs, to the highest point (5 hr). Continue W over the central peak (9650), composed of quartzite, to the W peak (9250), composed of shale. Descend W, then N, to return to camp
FA, H. 0. Frind, E. Hopkins, A. H. & E. L. MacCarthy, M. & W. E. Stone, G. E. & Vincent, C. Kain, 8/

UNNAMED 2941m   9650′
¾ mi SE of Cauldron Mt.
From head of S terminal fork of Glacier Creek, follow glacier leading S to summit of objective. A descent to NE over three high points offers a pleasant traverse.
FA N. Goldsmith, J. Lee, C. Mullard, A. Larson, 7/1976

CAULDRON MT   3216m   10550′
Directly S of S terminal fork of Glacier Creek at SE corner of Truce Neve; 3½ mi W of Blockhead massif.
1. From snow saddle (10000) between objective and Truce Mt via snow ofW ridge in¾ hr. Descend to Truce Neve by NW snow slopes and return to valley by approach (Route 1) for Truce Mt; 4 hr
FA MacCarthy party (see Truce), 8/1916

TRUCE MT   3246m   10650′
Apex of extensive neve and radiating glaciers located be­ tween Glacier Creek, its S terminal branch, and Hamill Creek.
1. Traverse N-S. Depending on where on the S terminal fork of Glacier Creek one’s camp is placed, cross either the E or NE tongue of Truce Glacier and ascend to the prominent rock cleaver (8900) which divides them, thus bypassing the impressive icefalls and gaining the more level neve above (3 hr). Cross to col N of peak (1 hr) and climb the sharp N ridge, the last part on corniced snow. Ascent 5 hr. Complete traverse by descending easy SE ridge to snow saddle in ½ hr. RT, including ascent of Cauldron Mt, 10 hr.
2. W Face. From camp at 6000′ below tongue of NW branch of Truce Glacier, tramp SE 2½ mi across neve, pass W buttress of objective, and climb directly up the centre of the face on snow mixed with good rock. Ascent 8 hr.
Petroske party (see Ocher Peak), 7/

HORSESHOE PEAKS   3155m   10350′
Six summits grouped around the mile wide, N-facing glacier basin N of Truce Mt.
Gain the Truce Neve (3 hr) as in Route 1 for Truce Mt, then swing NW to reach glacial pass (9800) leading over to Horseshoe Neve at its SE corner (1½ hr).
Ascend N to 10150′ summit 
(Toad) in¼ hr.
Returning to pass, ascend easy N ridge of next peak 
(Quibble, 10350) in ½ hr.
Continue SW to reach broad summit of 
Tranquility (10350, 1 hr).
Traverse W below irregular crest toward next peak, 
Squabble (10350). At base of first large couloir, climb directly to E ridge, following it (good granite, F3) over a false summit to the top (1 hr). Drop S in couloir between main and false summits to regain neve return­ing near summit of Tranquility before heading S to reach in 1¼ hr a gentle snow summit (Covenant, 10350).
Descend S ridge to Truce-Covenant col and head N across neve to rejoin approach route. RT for circuit, about 14 hr. Rec­ommended.
FA H O Frind, A H & E L McCarthy, M & WE Stone, J Vincent, C Kain, 8/1916

OCHER PEAK   3094m   10150′
NW summit of Horseshoe Peaks.
Approach via Glacier Creek (see Chap 5) to camp at 6000 m valley of S tributary whose source is NW branch of Truce Glacier. Ascend onto lower part of glacier and then climb E up steep slope to col (9500) ½ mi S of objective. Descend to Horseshoe Neve and head N over snow to the broken rocks of the S ridge which leads to the sharp summit. 10 hr up from camp.
FA J. Barton, N. Dodge, T. Ettinger, G. Kirk, Petroske, M. Temple, 7/1971

EAGLE SPIRE   2789m   9150′
Granite peak NE of Horseshoe Peaks above NE tongue of Truce Glacier.
From S terminal fork of Glacier Creek, ascend NW over slabs to summit of Volley Mt (8750) E of objective. Continue SW along rim of Horseshoe, climbing in turn a gendarme and the final spire (some class 5).
FA Jul 1969, J. Wells, alone.
FA (of eastern five) B. Beck, C. Wagner, J. Wells, 7/1969

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