MOUNT FAITH   2279m   7477′
MOUNT HOPE   2270m   7450′  
MT CHARITY   2112m   6930′ 

Mt Faith is 18kms north of Christina Lake and 12kms SW of the big north to east bend in Arrow Lakes. Hope is 1.32kms SE of Faith and Charity is 2.70kms due south of Hope. Not often climbed, Hope and Charity are on the far northeast boundary of Gladstone Provincial Park. On the slightly drier Granby area, all have a southern approach and are good shoulder-season hikes. Though remote on the north side of the park, they all have relatively good access. 

Location: Christina Range in the southern Monashees. 
Difficulty: B2
Elevation gain: 1917′
Key elevations: Park 5560’, Summit 7477′
Time: 5-6 hours 
Access: 2WD LC but long drive
Season: June through October
Map: 82L/8 Deer Park 

0.0 From the Castlegar cloverleaf on Hwy 3, drive west towards Christina Lake, 44kms and turn right on the Blueberry Paulson Bridge Bypass Road (just before reaching the Paulson Bridge). Follow down to the Kettle Valley Railway and go north along the rail bed 6km to the abandoned rail stop of Farron (a maintained camp spot for the KVR).
6.5km Leave the rail bed at the north end of Farron by turning left onto Dog Road. In good condition. Marked by red and white km markers.
8.2km Culvert and trail to left to Peter Lake. 
16.6km Sharp left. 21km Ignore right branch
22.1km Straight (not left) on signed “Faith Road”. Continue straight on the mainline – ignore branches at 22.5km (Faith 100 Br), 23.7km straight,
24km Straight (Faith 300 to right) and cross the signed South Faith Creek bridge. At this point you are below and east of Mt Faith. You can’t see Mt Faith from here but the adjoining peak, Mt Hope that is located to the SE of Mt Faith). Ignore the Faith 300 spur on the right
25.2km Park at a landing in the bottom of the clear cut at the end of the road. 5560’

Route: Start in a westerly direction. In a few hundred metres, top out of the clearcut to enter the not too brushy forest and continue in a westerly direction paralleling the right north side of “South Faith Creek” while at the same time trying not to go in the drainages to the left or right to 112-692 at the bottom of the ridge. Once on the ridge, follow it west. Begin a slight descent to the small “Cowpaddy Lake”. Just before the lake, find a well-worn horse trail to the SE of Mt Faith. Scramble up to the summit. Mt Hope is visible across the valley to the south east and would be an easy climb form Cowpaddy Lake. Mt Charity, to the SSE, has a metal green cone on its summit.
Great views from the summit are of Mt Gladstone, a mere 70ft higher and 15km to the South, the Granby river to the West and the Lower arrow lake to the East. A couple of large peaks, probably Bluejoint Mt and Gable were visible to the west.

On the descent, follow the southerly ridge off the summit and regain your footprints near Cowpaddy Lake. Be careful not to be suckered into the game trails leading into the valley below. Follow the relatively brush-free ridge on the northern side of the creek. The ridge slowly peters out but continue down its treed shoulder to the clearcut.
4 hours up and 2 down.

Mt. Faith Revisited (Map: Deer Park 82E/8)
A bridge washout on the Dog Creek road in early June prohibited access to Mt. Faith from the east until repairs were made in late September. On October 14th I followed Steven and Eliane’s directions and tramped up Faith. Here are some refinements to their excellent write-up in the May 2006 Newsletter.
At the start of McRae Road, re-set your odometer: all posted kilometer signs are measured from this point. As per instructions, stay on Dog Road until you turn right onto the signed Faith Road at km. 22.4. Keep straight on the mainline at km. 26.2; bear right at km. 26.5 and immediately cross the South Faith Creek bridge (signed); ignore the Faith 300 spur on the right; and finish up at a landing in the bottom of a clearcut at km. 28.2. This is a 2WD highway all the way.
You are now on the north side of South Faith Creek, most likely in the cutblock that the Miros reached on return. This start gives very good, mildly brushy access to the long southwest-northeast ridge leading to Cowpaddy Lake and the Faith-Hope col. You should see the open, upper part of this ridge as you drive along Faith Road. Gain the ridge from the cutblock, follow it as it narrows and becomes more distinct, make several ups and downs en route, and even pick up a game trail along the more open crest. This leads through the FaithHope col at 095-681, although I veered to the right before the pass and ascended steep grass and dirt of the peak’s SE face to reach the easy S. ridge.
Return via the same route: 2 hours up and almost the same to return. This is by far the best route and may even yield a pleasant spring ski tour to the summit of Mt. Hope. Thanks again to Eliane and Steven for pioneering this approach.
Kim Kratky

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