DOGTOOTH RIDGE   ca. 2600m
This ridge gives the Dogtooth Group its name.

Drive: Take the Holt Creek road which branches from the Gorman Creek road (consult the regional traverse, Gorman Lake to Quartz Lake) and climbs into the alpine zone of Holt Creek (high clearance, four wheel drive). Holt Creek is south of Gorman Creek.
The B. C. Forests brochure “Invermere Forest District” gives a diagram of the roads. The road to Gorman Lake and Holt Creek branches left from the road to Lang Creek. The road to Holt Creek then goes left and crosses to the south side of Holt Creek. The road to Gorman Lake is to the right at the Holt Creek turn.
Route: Ascend the south side of the valley to the ridge on its northeast end (actually a spur of the main ridge). Traverse northeast to southwest; the centre tooth is easy Class 5. The north ridge of the southwest tooth has good climbing on quartzite.
Rappel twice from the southwest tooth on good quartzite.

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