The Warren Group is outlined by Vowell Creek on the west, Bobbie Burns Creek on the northeast, Bugaboo Creek on the southeast, and the creek just south of Rockypoint Creek on the south.
It is a large area which contains a number of summits over 2600 meters. Warren Creek, tributary to Bobbie Burns Creek, nearly bisects it. CMH uses the ridges for heli-hiking. The Kootenay Mountaineering Club held 3 weeks of hiking camps here in 2007 and climbed everything that could be ascended. They accessed the camp by helicopter. 
MAP- 82K/15 Bugaboo Creek

Access. A road of unknown condition goes up Warren Creek. With much bushwhacking, the group could be reached by the roads on the creeks which surround it.

UNNAMED 2753m  9053′
On the northwestern end of the group. Climbed by a Topographical Survey party, date and route unknown.
The only reasonable access is by helicopter.

UNNAMED 2878m  9442′
Located west of the head of Warren Creek. Also ascended by a Topographical Survey crew, date and route unknown.

UNNAMED 2783m  9139′
South of Kain Creek. Also ascended by a Topographical Survey crew, date and route unknown. It lies on the ridge northwest of the Bugaboo Creek road, shortly after entering the canyon, well before reaching Rockypoint Creek (flowing in from the northwest).
The 2007 KMC hiking camp, placed by helicopter, was at approximately 204-350, northwest of the head of Kain Creek.

UNNAMED 2880m  9449′
At 202-364, north of the KMC hiking camp in the cirque northwest of the head of Kain Creek.
1. Southeast Ridge. From the camp (see below also), hike northeast up onto the southeast ridge, and follow the ridges counter-clockwise around the cirque, Class 3. This climb is a little more difficult than the others of the first hiking camp.
David Grant, Ray Neumar, KMC hiking camp party, late July 2007.
2. West The west ridge was descended during the circuit of the ridges.

UNNAMED (BUGAVIEW) 2880m  (9449′)
At the head of Kain Creek, 195-335, and has fine views of the Bugaboos. Bugaview Peak now has a cairn and register.
1. East Ridge. The east ridge is not well-defined as a ridge; Class 3.
Jenny Bailey, Ross Bates, John Beerbower, David Grant, Bob McQueen, Jan Micklethwaite, Ray Neumar, Jill Watson, and Mary Woodward, of the hiking camp, 23/7/2007.
2. North Ridge.
The north ridge was descended by the nine members of Route 1, July 23, 2007.
3. South Ridge. The south ridge was ascended (Class 3)
Roy Ball on 23/7/2007, from the cirque to the east of the mountain.
It was descended the next day on the way to Faraway Peak.
4. Northwest Face. The northwest face is Class 3.
Roy Ball, Terry and Elizabeth Huxter, and Andre Piver, of the first hiking camp, 7/2007. 

UNNAMED (FARAWAY)  2820m  9252′
South of the head of Kain Creek, 225-329, southeast of the KMC hiking camp in the east-facing cirque northwest of the head of Kain Creek. Ascended by KMC hiking camp members, with many mountain goats nearby. It also has a cairn and register now.
1. Southwest Ridge. Walk the ridges to the southwest ridge of Faraway Peak starting from the top of Bugaview Peak, descending its south ridge, Class 3. This takes one on a west to east traverse of Un. 2820m (south- southeast of Bugaview, closer to Bugaview than to Faraway).
Leon Arishenkoff, Terry Huxter, 24/7/2007.
2. Northwest Slopes. From camp, descend into the valley of Kain Creek, cross it, and ascend the easy northwest slopes, Class 3.
David Grant, Ray Neumar, KMC hiking camp group, 7/2007.

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