Twin Lakes lie in a bowl at the north end of that ridge of the Monashees known as the Pinnacles. They are the source of one of the branches of Severide Creek. They are popular with hikers who want to get into the alpine or start at the north end of the Mark Berger Traverse. 
The lakes sit in a bowl formed by Boulder and Lakeview peaks. 

Location: north end of the Pinnacle Group in the Whatshan Range. 
Difficulty: B1
Elevation gain: 500m
Key elevations:
Distance: 6kms
Time: 2 hours one-way
Access: good 
Season: June through October 

Drive: From Vernon, drive east on Hwy 6 through Lumby and Cherryville,  passing Frank’s Store and the Sugar Lake Road at 50kms. 
53kms Zero odometer. Turn left, pass the school and Community Hall. Follow North Fork Road across Cherry Creek. 
6.5kms Turn left onto North Fork FSR up  Cherry Creek Valley for 14kms 
20.5kms Road swings right to cross a creek and climbs steeply up east side of Severide Ck. 
26.5kms Road deteriorates. Park cars and hike up  the washed out road. 4WD can go another kilometre up the very rough road to an extensive parking area on a  log landing. 

Trail: TH marked by sign for the beginning of the Mark Berger Traverse. Proceed up  to a ridge, and climb to the east through alpine meadows and Severide Creek down to your right. Ascend for 3kms to reach the top of the ridge with lakes 400m down below. The trail drops steeply down to the lakes. 
Scramble up  Mts Boulder or Lakeview for good local views.
The Mark Berger Traverse follows the sidehill on the west side of Boulder to a second col and from there south along the top of the ridge. 

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