Spectrum Lake is also known as Rainbow Lake. This short and easy hike (2 hours, 200m elevation gain) is the access trail to Monashee Provincial Park. Easy family hike destination, backpacking introduction or access to the centre of Monashee PP at Peters Lake, a steep 3km climb. Campgrounds at both lakes, Margie and Fawn Lakes. Climb Mt Fosthall.  

Location: Monashee Provincial Park 
Difficulty: A1 to Rainbow Lake, C1 to Peters Lake 
Elevation gain: 200m (650′) to Spectrum Lake; 1040m (6300′) to Peters Lake
Key elevations: Spectrum Lake 1080m 3560′; Peters Lake 1920m 6300′; Mt Fosthall 2680m 8793′
Distance: 5.5kms to Spectrum Lake; 8km to Peters Lake
Time: ~2hr to Rainbow Lake, 4hr to Peters Lake 
Access: Good low-clearance gravel. 
Season: mid June to October
Map: 82L/8 Mt Fosthall 

Drive: From Vernon on Hwy 6, drive through Lumby for 50kms, to reach Sugar Lake Road – turn left (north) at Frank’s Store (good parking for a rendezvous).
0.0 Start north on the Shuswap Forest Access Road. 
48kms Sign on right for Monashee PP. Rough road especially as approach the parking lot. HC not essential. 
Visit Rainbow Falls before or after the hike. They are just before the Spectrum Lake parking area. 
59kms Park  

Trail: Follow unrewarding trail north through lush forest and cross Spectrum Creek. Turn right at sign for Spectrum Lake. One kilometre before Spectrum Lake, at fork go right to Lake. Good shelters, tent platforms, piped drinking water, food-cache poles and toilets. 
Peters Lake. Trail 1km back at junction, left goes to Peters Lake, bypassing Spectrum Lake. Climb 840m over 3 kilometres. Campgrounds at Big Peters Lake, Margie Lake and Fawn Lake on the way to Valley of the Moon outside the east boundary of the park.  

What to do?
1. Climb Mt Fosthall 2680m 
2. Valley of the Moon: an all day hike from Peters Lake. KMC has had Hiking Camps here in 1994 and 2015.  
3. Explore alpine around Peters Lake to Margie Lake 
4. Climb Slate and/or Cariboo Mts. Best access is from trail from north end of Peters Lake. 

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