GALLOPING HILLS (Mt. Scaia to Lightning Peak)

This hike involves rambling along the high ridge that separates the drainage of the Kettle River from the drainage of the Granby River. A long drive takes right into the alpine with extensive meadows to roam and amazing wildflowers in season (typically early to mid-July). 

Location: Southeast of Faquier
Difficulty: B2
Elevation gain: 480m (1570′) for the suggested route
Key elevations: Maximum elevation 2190m (7190′)
Distance: up to 16km return 
Time: up to 6 hours round trip 
Access: HC last few kms 
Season: summer through fall 
Map: 82L/16 Edgewood 

Drive: From Vernon on Hwy 6, drive 100km; from Franks Store in Cherryville, drive 52km and look for Banting Creek FSR heading south on right. 
0.0 Banting Creek FSR (initially Cortiana Main?). Just after the bridge over Inonoaklin Creek across from 3 houses and the Angel Falls tourist stop. 
2.5 Go straight (left to Nesbitt Rd); 10.2 Stay left 12.5 Cross bridge, stay on main; 17.1 stay on main. Pass 99km marker. 19.1km Go straight (fork on left behind)
20.7km Fork. Turn right on Galloping Creek Main. (Cortiana Main on left). 
20.9km T-junction. Turn right on Mt Scaia Rd. HC in next 2kms; 24.2 Cattle grid; 24.2 outfitters cabins 
26.3 Park. Off road vehicle closure notice. Road carries on, swings left and then crosses the valley to Mt Scaia – about 4kms. Park at the high point west of Galloping Mt.
There is about 20kms of open ridge top between you and Lightning Peak.

Route: Start on cattle trails through meadows, then go straight up, bypass peak on left and drop down to a bog west of Galloping Mt. Climb the ridge to the west and continue on the main ridge. There is no real destination but 4-5 hours round trip sees most of the ridge. 
Fog or cloud can be disorienting so have a compass at minimum. 
The wild flowers in season are spectacular. Wetlands have different species of flower. Cattle gazing has suppressed bush growth and may be responsible for the flowers. This is the north end of the Granby Grizzly Reserve. 

Good horse trails run directly east of Galloping Mt for 7km west before turning south to Lightening Peak. Follow the height of land to a good horse trail at the head of Goatskin Creek. 

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