MOUNT FOSTHALL   2680m    8793′
Mount Fosthall is the last high peak in the south of the Gold Range. It is located in the large Monashee Provincial Park to the southwest and west of Mount Odin.
There are trails and campsites (fee) in the park. The campgrounds are at Spectrum Lake (largest), Big Peters Lake, Little Peters Lake and Margie Lake. One may camp in the back country without a permit. Dogs are not permitted, and please clean your campsite and pack out garbage. There is a fire ban.

Maps 82L/8 Mount Fosthall and 82L/9 Gates Creek.

1. The first ascent was by a Topographical Survey party, probably in 1928, route unknown.
2. South Ridge. From Little Peters Lake, hike up the valley south of Peters Lake, and go over South Caribou Pass on the east side of the mountain. Traverse around the southeast side of the peak maintaining elevation until the south ridge is attained. Then scramble to the top. (II, 3,s).
FRA Pamela Jenkins and companions, 1973.

3. North Face (probably the northeast slope).
Descended by the party of Route 2.

4. Northeast Couloir. Ascend a grassy ramp from Cirque Lake and go around the northeast ridge on a flat plateau. Climb the steep snow of the northeast face and the northeast couloir directly to the summit, or exit to the east ridge near the top.
Return by the southeast face (a talus slope) and the high col on the east ridge. (II,3,s).
Alan Baker, Jim Kienholz, John Steed, August 1982.
The northeast face was also climbed from the KMC hiking camp in the Valley of the Moon (NE of the mtn.). (III,3,s). Aug. 1, 1994.

5. Southeast Face, East Ridge. Approach as for Route 2, but ascend the southeast face (talus) to the high col on the east ridge. Thence, go by the east ridge. See Route 4, descent (of 1982).

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