This is the blunt rock tower, seen from the Escarpment Trail, on the left of Mount Odin. Frigg Tower is left, out of sight. Mjollnir was the magic hammer of Thor. The contours of this ridge, on the map, are highly inaccurate.

To Mooncastle Lake is a tedious, serious bushwhack on the north side of Frigg Creek  Logging roads now shorten this bushwhack.
To reach Mooncastle Lake on foot, one must be on the west side of Pingston Creek. To reach the west side, one must cross Odin Creek (bridge ?), and then attain the north side of Frigg Creek. The KMC climbing camp of 2003 was at 204-990, south of Mount Odin.
The Odin Creek headwall camp of 1975 was below Odin Glacier, northwest of Mt. Odin.) Mosquitos! Gain Frigg Glacier by the col northeast of camp and east-southeast of Mount Odin at 214-997. The helicopter takeoff point was on the North Fosthall Creek Forest Service Road, above Margie Creek, map 82L/8 Mount Fosthall at 195-894. 

1. East Ridge. From Mooncastle Lake, gain the col between the objective and Frigg Tower. The east ridge has some unroped climbing and six pitches up to Class 5.6 on good rock. (II,5.6,s,*).
Mavis and Robert Bauman, Ron Blaue, 1989.
Descent was by Route 2 to Frigg Glacier.

2. West Ridge. The west ridge is partly a walkoff, and partly Class 3, using the southwest side at times. See Route 1.

3. South Face. This line, up the centre of the south face, is 5 pitches of an amazing sequence of edges, flakes, chicken heads and friction on superb gneiss. (II,5.9,s,*).
Bruce Fairley, Hamish Mutch, 8/2005. 

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