LAAG MOUNTAIN 2640m    8661′
This double summit is named for the layering in the mountain (laag is Norwegian for layer). It is located 2.8 km north of Mount Gunnarsen. A huge, 100 meter high, slab is upended on the south face.
Map 82L/9 Gates Creek. Coordinates 157-031.

1. Southeast Ridge. Attain the GunnarsenLaag col, or the col east of the south end of the ridge, at the western head of Odin Glacier. The rock of the southeast ridge is heavily layered and sometimes flaky, but firm; much good scrambling with some detours to the right. Where it steepens it is Class 4, and a 5 meter mossy, gritty slab (Class 5.2) is just below the summit (rappel on descent).
Both summits were climbed in 1973, and the second is the highest. Eight hours round trip from base camp below Odin Glacier. Glacier (III, 5.2,s).
KL, PM, 29/7/1973

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