These two peaks, both of about 2500 meters, are on the watershed north of Kelly Peak.

Beorn Peak (north, 175-078)
FRA Brian Berry, J. McMeans, R. A. Person and D. Person 7/1970
Beorn is a character from “The Hobbit” (bjorn is bear in Norwegian). There were grizzly diggings on the summit! Both were climbed in 1973. The southern summit (Spam Peak, west of camp on north side of Kelly Peak) carried a cairn with a Spam can inside. (CAJ 58(1975):76 photo).

Spam Peak (173-065) is south of Gates Peak and west of the watershed. It was ascended by its south ridge, descending the northeast ridge to the southeast ridge of Beorn Peak, all scrambles. 
John Barton, Kay and Nick Dodge, Ann and Jim Petroske, July 31, 1973. The first ascent of Spam Peak may have been by the Topographical Survey party of 1925-1928.
Spam was a favourite variety of canned ham during World War II (1939-1945).

UNNAMED 2320m 7600′ 161-069. Climbed by the KMC party of 2006, Class 2-3.

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