GOLD RANGE – Access & Approaches, Roads, Traverses & Camps
M Mt Begbie
Mt Tilley
Mt English
Davis Peak, Joss Mt & UN2670
Blanket Mt
Armstrong Pk
Cranberry Mt, UN2692 & UN2580
UN2610 & Ladybird Ridge
Hughes Peak
Gates Peak
Tower Four & UN2730
K Mt Thor
Mt Sigurd & Mt Brynhild
Mt Niflheim
Kelly Peak & UN2670
Mt Beorn & Spam Peak
Frigg Tower
Mjollnir Tower (Storm Tower)
Mt Odin, Mts Hugin & Munin
Saturday Pk
K,B Mt Burnham
K Mt Grady
Laag Mt
Mt Gunnarsen
Paint Lake Trail & Mt Symons
Monashee Provincial Park – Spectrum Lake & Peters Lake Trails
Mt Fosthall
Cariboo, Slate, Goat, Twin Peaks & Baldur Mts
Sitkum Lakes Trail. ◊ Mt Sitkum & Goat Mt

◊ Pinnacle Group
Monashee Lake Trail
Pinnacle Lake via Railroad Creek Trail
Twin Lakes Trail
Mark Berger Traverse
◊ Yeoward Mt
Galloping Hills (Mt Scaia to Lightning Peak)

◊ Bluejoint Mt
Deer Point Trail, Christina Lake
KVR Rail Grade
◊ Bulldog Lookout
◊ Mts Faith, Charity & Hope
◊ Mt Gladstone

Big Sheep Creek FSR
◊ Mt Shields
Bonanza Ck FSR
Mt St Thomas
Highway 3B
Seven Summits Trail
Plane Crash Site
Old Glory Trail
Granite Mt
Old Cascade Highway
◊ Mt Roberts
Record Ridge
Mt Jeldness
Cascade Summits Bicycle
Rossland & Around

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