MOUNT JARDINE   2438m   8000′
There is no record of any climb of this mountain in the KMC Newsletter. And it is only mentioned twice, the last in 1992. Both were winter skis, and in one, they were towed up by snowmobiles.
Called Empire, in the winter, this area is the prime snowmobiling location around Kaslo. They mostly go on the Blue Ridge FSR that parallels the highway for several kilometres and can be accessed from either end – at Buchanan Lookout Road or at Ten Mile Creek Road. Ten Mile has a large highway pull off area that forms a great staging area for the snowmobilers and their trucks and trailers.

Drive: From Kaslo, drive 13km and turn right onto Ten Mile Creek. Accesses Blue Ridge

1. 2.4kms to Jardine Cabin and basin in headwaters of Emerald Creek. A1 Unmarked TH at 6000’ switchback. + 2-mile ridge walk and old mining trail to Mount Jardine
2. Past Empire Cabin by road to top of Blue Ridge to some good A1 ridge walking (described in Buchanan Lookout).

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