SIWASH  2318m   7605’
A Kootenay classic with views to everywhere: downtown Castlegar, Rossland Range, Norns Range, Valhallas, up the Slocan Valley, east to Ymir and south to Salmo. A wonderful ridge walk above the Glade Creek watershed. Can be done as a loop

Difficulty: C3
Elevation gain: 2200′ + up and down on ridge
Key elevations: Park at turnoff to Snowwater Lodge 5400′; Summit 7600
Time: 5-7 hours
Season: mid-June through October
Access: Difficult 1 hour along Bombi
Map: 82F/6 Nelson, 82F/5 Castlegar, 82F/4 Rossland/Trail, 82F3 Salmo for road access

From Castlegar, drive to the Bombi summit and turn left onto Munsen FSR. 2WD. Drive 22kms to the low point in the road just below Siwash.
From South Slocan: Start at Hwy 3A, cross the dam/bridge and start on the west end of Blewett Road. Make an acute right (south) turn onto Rover Creek FSR. Drive 8.7km turn right onto Rover Creek FSR to the turn past Snowwater Lodge. The road past the lodge deteriorates HC. Park at the junction 5400′.

From the south: Bushwhack to gain the ridge line and open ground. Take the circular route up and down over 7 peaks that form the bowl above Glade Creek. Siwash is the third peak in the ridge.
Doing the ridge counterclockwise has advantages. The gentle ridge above a small cutblock makes for an easy way up. The slabs make for some excitement but are easier to ascend than descend. A similar gentle ridge on the way down avoids the boulder field.
From the north: Climb to the col and then ridge walk over 5 peaks.

This is a nickname given to the twin peaks halfway between Grassy and Siwash.
Drive: Munson FSR 14kms.
Route: Short hike, little elevation gain, great views, all above tree line. High view-to-effort ratio.


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