Antenna Trail Loop and the Flag Viewpoint in the Village of Montrose, 11kms from Trail BC. The trail is 250 metres above the village and affords spectacular views of the Beaver and Columbia Valleys. Sunset views are spectacular.
Snow-free much earlier in the spring than the higher elevation trails. Has little if any mountain bike traffic. This good workout trail is easy to moderate to hike any time of day.
Wildlife. Elk, whitetail Deer, black bears, and wild turkeys are frequently spotted on Montrose Mountain. 7 species of hummingbirds are attracted by the numerous feeders.

Difficulty: B2
Elevation gain: 1142′
Key elevations:
Distance: 3.2kms loop; 4.5kms if including the flag pole. 
Time: 2.5 hours
Access: Easy – on a paved road. 
Season: June through October
Map: 82F/4 Rossland-Trail

Drive: From Trail, drive east on Hwy 3B to the village of Montrose, turn left on 5th Street. Pass the Village Works station and Church and then turn right. Park at the wooden trailhead structure. 

Trail. The trail winds it’s way along the cliffs above the Montrose Cutoff and the Columbia River and follows the ridge down towards the Waneta Mall area. It then loops back towards Montrose. Rated easy to moderate. Beside the loop part of the trail, an extension goes up to the flag pole.

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