• These riding trails provide good shoulder season hiking through forest.

    Difficulty: Easy A1
    Elevation gain:
    Key elevations:
    Time: 1.5-2 hours 
    Access: Easy on pavement.
    Season: April through November
    Map: 82F/15 Kaslo

    Drive: Approaching Kaslo from the south on Hwy 31, look for the signs to the Kaslo Airport. The road to the Airport is also Balfour Avenue. Follow the Airport road 1.3 km and turn left onto the Bjekness Road. This road skirts a large old gravel pit. If you are towing a trailer, leave the trailer here. Follow the road approximately .5 km to the Spanish Moss trail head. Look for the Spanish Moss sign on the left side of the road.

    Trail: The Kaslo Horse Trails are comprised of the Spanish Moss and the Sleepy Hollow trails. Once on the Spanish Moss trail the route is well signed and easy to follow. The route is generally a single track trail thru a forest area. The trail is within a Woodlot Licence area and intersects and crosses over several old logging roads. When you have travelled the Spanish Moss and Sleepy Hollow trails and arrived at the Sleepy Hollow trail head, there are several options to travel to the Bjekness Road. Go down hill on the road and return to the Spanish Moss trail head. An easy 1 1/2 hour ride. Near the Sleepy Hollow trail head there are several other trails available to ride. All the trails are multi use and are shared with hikers, mountain bikers and others.

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