GRASSY MOUNTAIN   1920m   6300’
This low level mountain is important only as having the same name as the hut, the first one in the Bonnington Traverse. 

Difficulty: B2
Elevation gain: 1300′
Key elevations: Park 5000′; Summit 6300′
Time: 3 hours up
Season: late-June through October 
Access: good to 4WD road for last one kilometre. 
Map: 82F/6 Nelson, 82F/5 Castlegar, 82F/4 Rossland-Trail 

Drive: From Castlegar, drive on Hwy 3 up the Bombi. Turn left (north) onto Munsen FSR and drive 6km on the main road. Turn right onto a side road HC, switchbacks for 1km to the trail at the base of “South Grassy Mt”, 5000’, by the Mount Walton sign. 14km to pass between Twin Peaks and Grassy Mt.

Route: Proceed west up a section of overgrown logging road and then north up the side of South Grassy to its summit. Then an easy ridge walk down to a saddle to the west to Grassy.

From the saddle drop down EES into the valley to Grassy Hut 646-593 82F/6 and sign the register. 

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