A low-level, shoulder season hike to a nice viewpoint. 

Difficulty: Easy A1 
Elevation gain:
Key elevations:
Season: May through November
Access: Easy. 
Map: 82F/4 Rossland-Trail

Drive: Drop a shuttle vehicle at the Genelle Fire Hall, the north terminus of the hike. Drive down Hwy 21 to the mouth of Sullivan Creek. 
Start up to the old trails that follow along the gas pipe line and power-line corridors at the cliff-base. Take a detour up the steep to the high ground above. Goats have been seen here on previous hikes. Follow some cairns in the open scree slope. 
There are good views from the outlook. Get to a close viewpoint to a small lake to the north. (2 hours of bushwhacking away). Retrace your steps to the pipeline corridor and views of the Columbia River. 
Proceed on the trail to Genelle. An interesting rock formation that cannot be seen from the highway are a good stop. Two giant, free standing pillars are part of the cliff face. Cross some bench land and the road and the Genelle Fire Hall. 

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