This easy multipurpose trail (mountain biking, hiking) is on private land. It is conveniently located in Beasley close to Nelson. The trail takes you to a panoramic view of the Nelson-Castlegar valley and surrounding mountains.

Difficulty: Easy
Elevation gain: 280′
Key elevations: TH 3920′; Lookout 4200′
Distance: 3kms 
Time: 2 hours 
Season: April to Novmeber
Map: 82F/11 Kokanee Peak and 82F/6 Nelson 

Drive: From the start of the Taghum bridge (Nelson side–8km from the city) zero odometer
0.0 Drive west 
5.3km Turn right onto Beasley road
5.6km Turn right onto Zero odometer.
0.0 Queen Victoria Rd (unpaved).
1.1km The road becomes Smallwood Creek Forest Service Rd.
3.0 Go left onto Garrity Creek FSR trailhead signed).
5.5km fork right onto Garritt Connector (trailhead signed). At
6.2 reach the trail head at 3,920′.


Trail: The trail includes less steep options for biking (hikers take the steeper option). It includes a long ridge walk that offers hints of the view at the end. The elevation of the lookout is 4,200′. At the end of the ridge turn right to access the lookout (left takes you down another trail that will leave you an hour walk back to your vehicle).
The GPS coordinates for the lookout are N.49.29.931/ W. 117.27.290

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