TEXAS PEAK   2450m   8050’
PADDY PEAK   2330m   7650’
Usually climbed with Reco. This hike was led by Bob Dean for several decades. Continuing to Paddy and descending 12 Mile Creek FSR makes a nice loop (shuttle necessary).

Difficulty: C2
Elevation gain: 650m (2135’)
Key elevations: End of drivable road 1800m (5900’); Pass 2200m (7220’); Summit Reco 2530m 8300’; Summit Texas 2450m   8050’.
Time: 1 hour to pass, 2 hours from Reco col to summit of Texas
Season: July through September
Access: Difficult 4WD
Map: 82K/14 Kokanee Glacier

Drive: From Retallack, drive up Stenson Creek Road into Jackson Basin. This road deteriorates as it climbs, narrow. Park below the Reco col, usually able to drive to about 1800m (5350′) at a washout.

Route: From here it is a steep, washed-out mine road leading to the col east of Reco at 2200m (6900′). Gets some traffic from ATVs but is not drivable by regular vehicles. If you are on bicycles, half the road is so steep you have to push your bikes, but the rest is enjoyable biking up through the alpine meadows and old mine workings.
Follow the enjoyable ridge walk east, initially on a winter cat track, and then a mix of grass and rock with fantastic views. The third hump along (8000′) is a good place to have lunch. Texas peak involves going 400′ down, 500′ up and 400m across.

What to do?
1. Traverse over to Paddy Peak Elevation gain: 5070′. Distance: 16kms. Time; 8 hours. – a very long day. 2 kms one-way from Texas. Bypass Texas on the way over – climb on the way back if desired. Rated D3.
Descend via 12 Mile Creek would be definitely recommended, but requires a shuttle (8kms between Stenson FSR and 12 Mile FSR). This would make a nice loop. The Utica Basin road was cleared in 2000 for 7kms. Much easier walking straight down than returning on the ridge back to the Reco col.
There is an old trail ascending to the mine in the alpine. The amount of bushwhacking depends upon how much ATV traffic there is.

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