ROAD ACCESS – Duncan & Purcells


DUNCAN RIVER FSR: turn R. off Hwy 31 onto Argenta Rd. at Cooper Creek, about 106 km. from Nelson (re-set odometer); cross Duncan R. go straight at jct. at km 2.3; Glacier Crk. road goes R at km. 12; pass Howser Creek FSR at 36.4 km; cross Omo Crk. bridge at km. 43.7; next bridge is Dunn Creek (Dunn Creek Trail is signed 300 m. N of bridge); cross Cockle Creek bridge at 158.9 km. from Nelson (52.9 km.)(old BCFS trail to Four Squatters LO is just past bridge); Westfall River road goes L at km 80 sign (190.5 km. from Nelson); next major spot is Houston Creek bridge (drove this far in 7/00; drove almost to Glacier Nat. Park boundary in 7/87. Road planned on being deactivated 2017.

SALISBURY CRK. FSR: turn R off Duncan FSR at km. 2.3; at km. 6.7, keep R onto Johnson’s Landing road; at km. 10.9 go L onto Salisbury FSR; at km. 12.5, go up and L; at km. 17, keep R at switchback; at km. 18.1, keep R; at km. 19.6, park in landing; 2WD in 9/01; connects with sketchy trail leading to col at head of S fork of Bulmer Creek; as of 7/04 Carl Johnson says the trail is easy to find from the cutblock

KOOTENAY JOE ROAD: take Argenta turnoff; from Argenta forks (“the big switchback”), follow road to Fry Creek; 11 km. from downtown Argenta, bear L for Fry; at Fry Creek carpark bear L; at about 12 km follow the signposted Kootenay Joe Rd.; start up past last houses and go immediately to 4WD LR; 7 km of very steep driving with some switchbacks requiring backing up to make the turn; 1 hr. drive from downtown to height of land at 6700′; one of the hardest roads I’ve driven as of Jly. ’95; high clearance only

LAVINA LOOKOUT ROAD: turn R off Duncan River road at km. 116.6 from Nelson or 10.8 km. from Cooper Creek jct.; road was signed in 9/98; go to 4WD LR immediately; road is steep, with some 15 switchbacks, but is actually not that bad; roadbed generally good; drove with Fred 9/98; did not need to back round any switcbacks; at km 9.5 top out near a little spur L to excellent campsites (1 hr. from Duncan R. road; road continues 2.6 km. to Lavina Lookout (drove to it) Glacier Creek: turnoff for Argenta at 107 km. from Nelson; Glacier Crk. turnoff is 119 km. from Nelson; 24 km. to jct. of N. & S. forks; good quality 2WD to forks 7/97

MacBETH ICEFIELD TRAIL ROAD: 10.6 km. from Duncan road; drive 1.7 km. to a landing Jn.’95;
Fork: road l. to Lady Macbeth at 25 km.; Monica Meadows access road R. at 26.2 km. this spur road is about 3 km. long, or 29.2 km. from Glacier Crk. turnoff
Fork: turn R off main haul road at km. 24.3; Jumbo Pass Trail head is at km. 27.3; driving time from Nelson to Jumbo Pass trailhead is 2 1/2 hours; in 8/98, drove to km 31.8, just short of the last switchback (this spot has a campsite, but no water); last several km. are getting badly hedged in by alder; for last km or so, roadbed is steep, rocky & rutted (4WD, lst gear LR); drove to landing beyond switchback in 8/99 (Larry Smith’s truck) just past the km 39 sign is the turnoff for the Four Squatters; said to be a bad, steep road

GRAVELSLIDE CREEK ROAD: goes R off Duncan River road near km. 40 sign; 148.3 km. from Nelson; unsigned; just N. of Gravelslide Creek which has no bridge and is a mere trickle in the alder; go L @ km. 4.8, after 4 switchbacks; drove to 2nd switchback @ km. 5.8, about as far as you can go; LR 1st gear 4WD, especially for final km, which is overgrown and has tricky waterbars; stopped @ 4,000′ & GR   in 08/06; walked part of road higher up, which ends in too much alder

HOWSER CREEK: 142 km. from Nelson to turnoff; 21 km., Rory Creek road; turn on to it; at 33 km. reach very end of Rory Creek road at a landing at 5,100′; 2WD truck all the way in July ’90

SLUICEBOX CREEK ROAD: tributary of Howser Crk; Brewster says this road is open right into basin below Quintet Pks., 1995

NORTH CREEK FSR: turn R off Duncan River road at km. 25.5

WESTFALL FSR: goes L off Duncan River road at km. 80 sign; cross Track Creek bridge at km. 85 sign; at km. 88.1, Spur 100 goes R; at 92.1 km., Spur 200 goes R; drove this far in 9/01; 2WD all the way

SPUR 100: goes R off Westfall River road at km. 88.1; not explored

SPUR 200: goes R off Westfall River road at km. 92.1 (CMH fuel tank at this jct); keep R at km. 2.7; road ends in landing at km. 5.3; 4WD LR HC almost all the way; Howie counted some 80 waterbars; drove in 9/01; reached 5718′


RIONDEL ROAD: this now (’98) seems to be called Powder Creek FSR, something of a misnomer; pavement ends at the Tam O’Shanter Creek bridge, 3.1 km. N of downtown Riondel; Pebble Beach Trail (signed) goes L at ca. km. 7.4; just past km 9 sign (14.5 km. from Riondel)is turnoff for Bernard Creek (not signed); past km. 13 sign, is Powder Creek turnoff; at km. 21 sign is unsigned Campbell Creek road; Campbell Creek bridge @ km. 27.6; Murphy South road goes R @ km. 32.3; Murphy North road goes R @ km. 32.6; in 9/03, drove Riondel road to km. 34.7 at junction (Murphy Creek Landing signed to R or N; L seems to lead into cutblocks to S);

LOKI S FSR: turn R off Riondel rd. 7.3 km. N of city centre; signed

PORTMAN CREEK FSR (OLD Loki N. FSR): turn R off Riondel road 10.1 km. N. of city centre; signed; near km. 6 sign; good access to Loki; see Terry Turner at 225 3483 email is aturner netidea wrote history of bluebell mine @ km. 4.8 go L; @ km. 5.8 go R; @ km. 7.4 is end of road @ 1400 m. or 4300′; about 45 min. drive from ferry; drove 7/05; according to NDN in 09/09, road now goes to the km. 15 sign at 1600 m. GR 513170/5522200

DRIFTWOOD COVE: goes L @ km. 12.9; signed

GARLAND BAY BCFS REC SITE: signed; on L @ km. 13.2; there is a road on R; there are two rec sites, north and south, and two access roads

BERNARD CREEK: turn R just past km. 9 sign; this road is closed; bridge out; beyond that, road is said to be walkable; not signed, but there is a sign saying road closed

POWDER CREEK ROAD: turn R past km. 13 sign on Riondel/East Shore road; that’s 19 km. N. of the pub in Riondel; this is after you have crossed Powder Crk. on a steel bridge; 4WD LR most of the way; roadbed not steep but very holey and bumpy; a few washouts; at 500 m, a road goes L; road ends at 12.1 km, where there is limited camping and parking space (water might not be available); road improved and brushed out in ’98; still took 70 min. to drive in 9/98; driven 08/04; in 7/06 driven to end (road somewhat more overgrown than in ’04)

U/N ROAD: goes R off Riondel road at km. 22.7

CAMPBELL CREEK ROAD: goes R off Riondel road @ km. 22.4 where road bends down and left; it’s at the km. 21 sign and on S. side of the creek; not signed; drove to road’s end at km. 3.6 in 6/04; 4WD HC LR lst gear but pretty good roadbed; Tim Faiers’ lodge at road end; good parking; footbridge across to N. bank at this point; one GPS reading says lodge at 153-331, but that’s on N. bank of creek (pretty close, though);

MURPHY SOUTH ROAD: signed; goes R. off Riondel road @ km. 32.3; went L @ km. 3.3 (3285′, 120-357); went R @ km. 3.6; road ends @ km. 6.1 (4855′, 128-355); driven 9/03; explored the two spurs R and L, which soon ended; right one did go 1.1 km.;

MURPHY NORTH ROAD: signed; goes R off Riondel road @ km. 32.6; go L @ km. 5; drove to km. 5.7 (last section on new road) to a landing at GR 126-376); seemed promising going into old cutblock but ended in nothing; driven 9/03;

CRAWFORD CREEK ROAD: follow Highway 3A for 5 km. from Kootenay Bay ferry terminal; turn L. at the Crawford Bay school and park (highway makes a sharp R. here); drive 2.6 km. on pavement to a T junction; turn L; right would take you over a Bailey Bridge; pass dump & sawmill @ 4.6 km.; pass Spur 100 on L; pass Spur 200 on L; at 10.2 km. stay L; do not follow obvious route over bridge onto “Crawford-Hooker Creeks Forest Road”; turnoff to “Plaid Lakes on L at km. 11.5; turnoff to Crawford -Springer Rd. on L. at 11.6 km.; continue along L. bank of Crawford Crk. as road turns N.; cross creek, go up hill, and make sharp L. (15.6 km.); continue along deteriorating road (4 WD low range) on E. side of creek; at km. 18.4, road goes R (signed “Road Closed”; probably goes to Rose Pass); at km. 18.5 reach a landing with a hunter’s trailer (parked here in 7/04); beyond is a ford that may be driveable (it was in 7/04); road gets brushy for a bit but is definitely driveable to a big meadow 40 min. walk from trailer (plenty of room for parking); beyond this, road is overgrown with water often running on it; may not even be ATV passable; drove to km. 22.3 in 1992; road continues to landing in trees near creek and odd hunter’s warming hut (GR 229-145 5150′ GPSed) about 70 min. walk from washout; cross creek to W. bank just below road end; head up bank – 100 m. to gain boulder field; return driving time to ferry, about 1 hr.; drove in 7/02 and 7/04

PLAID LAKES ROAD: turn L off Crawford Crk. road at km. 11.5; signed for Plaid Lake; gives access also to Mt. Crawford; bear sharply right at km. .5, do not got straight into new cutblock; at km. 1.8 pass a bad road on uphill side; at L switchback on road at km. 4.9 (has sign “Plaid Lake”), keep R on a lesser road, 4WD HC LR but perfectly OK.; drove to very end in 10/03 and 07/10 at 6.8 km.; walked from km. 4.9 to trailhead and car park (an extra 1.9 km) in 25 min. in 9/03; 50 min. drive from ferry to car park at 5990′, GR 196-083;

SPRING CREEK-MT. CRAWFORD ROAD: turn L off Crawford Crk. at 11.6 km.;

HOOKER CREEK ROAD: follow Crawford Crk. road to jct. at 10.2 km. from highway; turn right and cross creek on “Crawford-Hooker Crks. Forest Road”; after crossing bridge road switches back sharp to left; farther up Hooker, there’s another spur that goes NE toward Canyon Crk.; continue up Hooker on N. bank; cross bridge; switch back again; road continues up and on S. side of creek; in Jn. ’95 driveable to a point 7.3 km. from Crawford Creek bridge; here there is a ford that crosses creek; 200 m downstream from this there is a spur road that carries along W. side of creek; alder looms over this, but it might be driveable; probably not worth it

CANYON CREEK ROAD: follow Crawford Crk. road 4.7 km. past Hooker rd. turnoff; follow obvious road to right that immediately crosses Crawford Crk. (that’s about 10 km. from the dump); road diagonals uphill and to right and into Canyon Crk drainage; do not take two obvious turnings to L; for all practical purposes road ends 6.3 km. from Crawford Crk. bridge, although it’s walkable beyond this point right to last clearcut; driveable portion overgrown with bush in upper sections; some water in ruts; 4WD; can be driven 16.2 km. fr. dump; 1993

GRAY CREEK PASS ROAD: from highway, (45.2 km. fr. Nelson) turn L near store and before bridge over Gray Creek (signed Oliver Rd.), then an immediate R; cross Gray Creek bridge (signed) and go uphill and L; go straight at km 1.2 (signed Grey Creek Pass FSR); at 6.7 km. is Sphinx turnoff to L (mainline bends right and has a metal gate; unnamed spur R @ km. 15.7; Oliver Lk. Rec Site is at km. 17.1; pass is at 17.9 km.; Redding Crk. jct. is at 21.1 km.; unsigned road goes R at km. 23.7; unsigned road R and shack at km. 30.4; Baribeau Creek FSR goes L at km. 36.6 (signed); unnamed road goes R at km. 53; joins St. Mary R. road at km. 54.1; roadbed much better on west side; scarcely maintained on east side; 88km. from Gray Creek community to Kimberley; 2WD all the way; driven 7/04, 8/05, 07/06, 07/07

UNNAMED SPUR RIGHT: go R @ km. 15.7 from highway, just past km. 14 sign and before Oliver Lake; 2.5 km. to road end in cutblock at 6490′ (209-918); 4WD with some waterbars; decent road; driven 10/06

POWERLINE ROAD TO SPHINIX MTN. TRAIL: turn left off Gray Creek Pass road at km. 6.7; re-set odometer and go to 4WD HC LR 1st gear; ignore a spur left; trailhead for Sphinx is at km. 4.6, just past the Christos-like orange snow fence on the downhill side of the road and just to the left or N. of where two power pylons come next to road; ample room for parking and turnaround; there is also a flattened cabin at this site; good roadbed; road continues to E, presumably following powerline right down to St. Mary River; driven 7/04 & 9/04 & 10/06

REDDING CREEK ROAD: turn S. onto road at 21.1 km fr. Gray Creek; big shed with fire equipment here; at 7.7 km. take spur to L. for Snowcrest Mtn.; @ km. 13.9 spur goes R to Baker Lake; driven 7/94 & 9/99
SNOWCREST MT. spur: turn L at km. 7.7 on Redding Crk. road; changed to 4WD here ; at 11.5 km. keep right; at 14.3 km. we parked below washout and big boulder above road; could drive another km.; this section 4WD low-range; driven 7/94

BAKER LAKE SPUR: go R at km. 13.9 on Redding road; cross bridge; drove to km. 15.9 in 9/99 on bad 4WD HC LR track; one very deep washout; high-centred but got out; parked only 100-200 m. from end; reasonable turn-around

BAKER CREEK SPUR: descend to E. from Grey Creek Pass 5.9 km.; turn R; reset odo; go R @ 200 m; go R at km. 1.3; road ends in cutblock at km. 3.3; stop in middle of cutblock at km. 2.7 to walk fire road right through block and up slopes to W. outlier of Burdett Pk.; drive 9/00

MARY RIVER FSR: join it at km. 54.1 on Gray Creek Pass road; drove to junction with Dewar Creek FSR at km. 49 sign; it’s a 2WD highway; driven 7/04, 8/05, 7/06, 7/07


WHITE CREEK FSR: goes R. off St. Mary River road at km. 63; not driven;

DEWAR CREEK FSR: goes R. at prominent junction with abandoned horse trailer at km. 64 on St. Mary River road; not signed in 07/04; driven to km. 7.8 in 7/04

MANSON COL ACCESS ROAD: not signed; goes R off Dewar Creek FSR 7.8 km. north of Dewar/St. Mary West junction, just at km. 8 sign; goes 5.3 km. to 6600?? at GR   (gains 2500′) where there is a junction of two undriveable roads that continue; possible to turn round with minor difficulty at road end; 4WD LR high clearance 1st gear for much of way; steep in places but roadbed definitely ok; one tricky bit at a small watercourse; overgrown with alder for several 100 m. about 2/3s of way up; challenging the first time; no problem to drive down; drove in 7/04; much better in 08/05 (problem at watercourse fixed and roadbed brushed out)

MARY RIVER ROAD WEST: signed; goes left at prominent junction at km. 64 (km. 49 sign) or 10 km. N. of Gray Creek Pass road jct; re-set odo; note cable car crossing; road goes L @ km. 9.7 (369-111); road goes L @ km. 13.5 (336-119); road goes L at 293-143 (Lapoint Creek); reach fork @ 284=170 (old road goes L): spur goes R @ km. 23; drove to km. 24.6; road continues beyond this; this is mostly 2WD but old with some fords which possibly are 4WD; maintained by recreationalists, I guess; driven 07/07

LAPOINTE CREEK CREEK: goes L off St. Mary West FSR @ 293-143; not driven but I have walked the top end of it from Rose Pass in 10/06

SPUR RIGHT @ KM. 23: drove 1.1 km. into cutblock before stopped by alder on road; maybe driveable for a few hundred metres more; 2WD; 7/07; walked it north for 30-40 min.


LAKESIDE ROAD: turn R or south off St. Mary River road @ km. 14 from Grey Creek Pass road junction; cross wooden bridge over St. Mary River just at outlet of lake; driven 07/06; good 2WD

MARY/HELLROARING FSR: take second R off Lakeside Road 600 m. from St. Mary River road; signed; driven 7/06; good 2WD to this point

MARY/MEACHEN CREEK FSR: go R. off St. Mary/Hellroaring FSR @ km. 1.6 from St. Mary River road; signed; has good km. signs to about km. 25; at km 29 sign (couldn’t find) is parking and trailhead for Hourglass Glass (signed “trail”); pretty good 2WD to this point; driven 08/07;

TURNOFF FOR WHITE BOAR LAKE: goes L just before km. 16 sign; signed but just says “trail”; not explored

TURNOFF FOR MAYO AND AILSA LAKES: goes L at km. 17; not signed; not explored

SPUR INTO BLOCKS BELOW WHITE GROUSE MTN: go uphill and L at 375-853 5300′ just near Hourglass Lakes trailhead; drove to end at 381-849 6249; 4WD but good road; about 7 km. from Meachen FSR; 08/07

FIDDLER CREEK ROAD: turn L off St. Mary/Meachen Creek road just before km. 14 sign; 15.7 km. from St. Mary River road; not signed; drove 1.1 km. to Mt. Evans Trail head in 7/06; good clear spot just beyond for camping and turnaround; very badly overgrown with alder but roadbed is sound; road continues beyond our parking spot

LOCKHART CREEK PARK & TRAIL: starts 26.4 km. south of Kootenay Bay ferry landing on Hwy. 3

AKOKLI CREEK ROAD: turn E. off Hwy 3 at km. 35.2 from Kootenay Bay ferry terminal, just S. of Destiny Bay; drove to km. 2 in 5/04

FIRST SPUR: turn L. off Akokli Creek road at km. 2; at km. 3, keep R or straight; road switches up W. face above Destiny Bay and ends at km. 15.1 at ca. 5500′ on the S. side of Mt. Davie; good quality; 4WD HC but only because of waterbars in lower sections; drove in 5/04; road end is 90 min. from ferry

SANCA CREEK ROAD: begins 42.7 km. from Kootenay Bay ferry; 2 WD; at 9 km. keep L (spur R goes to Wooden Shoe Lake–signposted); at 9.8 km. go straight, not up switchback to L; at km. 13.7 keep R. or straight (left goes to Sherman Lakes trail); at 15.5 km. cross on bridge to R. bank; parking lot at 17.6 km. at 318-756, 1674 m. or 5492′; 1 hr. 25 min. drive from ferry; driven in 8/04, 7/05, 07/07

SANCA E. FORK FSR: turn R off Sanca Creek road at km. 9.6; signed for Wooden Shoe Lake; re-set odometer; cross Sanca Crk. at km. .2; Wooden Shoe Lake road goes R. at km. 1; at km. 1.9 reach a junction; road straight probably goes to blocks below Mt. Dickson; right branch goes to blocks below Mt. Skelly; drove 10/0

SKELLY SPUR: take L fork of Sanca E. FSR at km. 1 (go straight at the switchback); go R at km. 2 (straight probably goes to Mt. Dickson); keep L at km. 3.4 (do not cross to W. bank of creek); road ends at km. 4.9 (297-683) 6250′; 4WD HC LR for last km. because of sandy dips; driven 10/04

JACKSON/DICKSON SPUR: follow Sanca E. Fork FSR and continue straight @ km. 2; immediately pass mildly tricky big rock on uphill side of road; 48 Road goes R. @ km. 3.7; switchback goes R @ km. 5.9; stopped @ km. 6.5; not really worth driving after km. 5.9 as rd. because very gnarly with deep waterbars; before that it’s HC 2WD; road ends in block @ 5900′ between Dickson and Jackson; drove 6/05 & 10/05

WOODEN SHOE LAKE ROAD: bear R at switchback on Sanca E. FSR at km. 1; bear L at km;. 1.9; drove to second bridge at GR 273-686 in 10/04; one muddy FWD section at km. 1.1

SHERMAN LAKES TRAIL ROAD: turn L off Sanca Creek road at ca. km. 13.7; at km. 16 go straight; at km. 16.8 go straight; trail starts at km 17 (Janice Strong says km. 16.4) from Hwy 3 at creek crossing (road goes beyond); 4WD high clearance because of waterbars; both road and trail are well-signed; 1 hr. 25 min. drive from ferry; drove in 9/04

THOMPSON FSR: see Mountain Footsteps, by , for details; from start of FSR sign; at km. 2.3, bend R as cliffs are above; at km. 3.8, switchback R on obvious big road as cliff bands are above; drove to km. 8.2 on 6/03; excellent wide road right to summit at 7000′; plenty of parking and turnaround space

GOAT RIVER FSR: turn N. off Hwy 3 next to restaurant in Kitchener, ca. 18 km. east of Creston; 2WD good quality the whole way; Anchor Creek FSR goes R @ km. 7.5; Leadville Creek FSR goes R @ km. 8.3; Cowley Mtn. road goes R @ km. 10.8; Goat-Hall FSR goes L @ km. 11.5; Bohan Creek FSR goes L @ km. 17.1; junction @ km. 22.6 (left, not signed, appears to be Kianuko Creek; straight ahead is signed “Kamma Creek/Huscroft”; is this the end of Goat River FSR?; driven 05/09; driven 05/10

ANCHOR CREEK FSR: goes R off Goat River FSR @ km. 7.5; not driven

LEADVILLE CREEK FSR: goes R off Goat River FSR @ km. 8.3; not driven

COWLEY MTN. ROAD: goes R off Goat River FSR @ km. 10.8; pass Branches 1 & 2 on R; Spur 3 goes R @ km. 2.9; drove through a col on W ridge; stopped by snow on road @ km. 9.3 (488-580, 4845′); road continues a few hundred m. north to end in trees; not useful for ascents; driven 05/10; 2WD

BRANCH 3 OF COWLEY MTN. ROAD: turn R off Cowley Mtn. Rd. @ km. 2.9; re-set odo; drove 4.8 km. to landing at end (505-564, 4804′); no good for mtn. access; 2WD; driven 05/10

GOAT-HALL FSR: goes L off Goat River FSR @ km. 11.5; @ km. 1.3, Iron Creek road goes L; driven 05/10

IRON CREEK ROAD; turn L off Goat-Hall FSR @ km. 1.3; re-set odo; N. Iron Creek road goes R @ km. 3.3; drove to km. 4.6 (4495′ 468-538); road appears to head S and down; 2WD; driven 05/10

NORTH IRON CREEK ROAD: turn R off Iron Creek road @ km. @ km. 3.3; drove 1 km. and stopped by snow: 2WD; driven 05/10

BOHAN CREEK FSR: goes L off Goat River FSR @ km. 17.1; not driven

KIANUKO CREEK ROAD: seems to go L at junction on Goat River FSR @ km. 22.6 (not signed); not driven;

KAMMA CREEK/HUSCROFT ROAD: goes straight N. at junction @ km. 22.6 on Goat River FSR; immediately crosses to E. bank of Goat River; bends E. and goes along N. side of Kamma Creek; major junction @ km. 37.5, just before a bridge; took L fork which heads N. toward Kamma Pass; spur L @ km. 40.5; driven 05/09; good quality 2WD;

NORTH FORK OF KAMMA CREEK ROAD: goes L off Kamma/Huscroft road @ km. 37.5 from Hwy. 3; drove for 3 km. in 05/09; spur L @ km. 40.5 from highway

SPUR L OF N. BRANCH OF KAMMA CREEK/ HUSCROFT ROAD: goes L 40.5 km. from Hwy. 3; drove for 2.7 km. to GR 549-711, 5400′(stopped by snow on rd.), 05/09; road continues round to W. w/o gaining elevation;



SPILLIMACHEEN NORTH FSR: turn left onto signed Parsons River Crossing at Parsons, 67 km. north of Radium Hot Springs; driven to McMurdo Creek junction at km. 55.6 in 08/09; good quality 2WD all the way

MCMURDO CREEK FSR: turn left off Spillimacheen North FSR @ km. 55.6; driven 9.6 km. to meadows in 08/09; verging on 4WD high clearance

HORSETHIEF CREEK ROAD: at Radium jct. (4.25 hrs. from Nelson), turn L or W. at the flashing light and drive towards the sawmill; right at the mill, turn L onto Horsethief rd; at km. 9, go straight through the 4-way junction; at km. 13.1, do not go R up the signed Forrester-Horsethief FSR, but do go L up the unsigned road; at ca. km.35, rd. L (unsigned, I think) leads up McDonald Creek; at 37.5 km. is helipad from which KMC flew in ’92; at km. 46.5 is parking area and footbridge over Horsethief Crk. to Farnham Creek road

MCDONALD CREEK ROAD: turn L off Horsethief Creek road past the km. 35 sign, after you have crossed the unsigned McDonald Creek bridge; very good 2WD road at least to junction at km. 10.8; ignore spurs; Redline Creek road goes L @ km 10.8; driven to this point 09/08;

REDLINE CREEK ROAD: turn L. off McDonald Creek road @ km. 10.8 (unsigned); spur goes left almost immediately; road recently upgraded but still rough; pass log cabin; road crosses increasingly washed out water courses; stopped by big washout @ km. 1 (406-938, 6900′) in 09/08; walked road to end; it crosses to west bank of Redline Creek on a ford in glacial outwash; continues switching up to mine site at 8300′ GR     (hard to see in places, but walkable)

SPUR LEFT OFF REDLINE CREEK: recent logging spur; drove to end at landing in ca. 1 km. 09/08

FARNHAM CREEK ROAD: at km. 46.5 on Horsethief rd. is parking area and footbridge for Farnham Creek rd; cross Horsethief and walk up rd; at about 40 min. walk, is another footbridge crossing Farnham Creek; walked 1 hr. 50 min. in 8/98 to reach creek draining great SW basin of Mt. Farnham; rd. is excellent walking through timber and is used by mtn. bikers.

TOBY CREEK FSR: turn off off #93/95 at Invermere junction; at km. 2.3, turn R onto signed Panorama/Wilmer road; re-set odo; at km. 1.8, turn L onto Toby Creek road; at km. 19, continue past Panorama ski resort; at km. 26.9, Delphine FSR goes R; at km. 28.5, S. Placer FSR goes L; at 32.5 km., Coppercrown FSR goes L; at km. 33.5, Stark Creek Rd. goes L; road crosses Toby Creek to R; at km. 37.6, reach road end & junction with Jumbo Creek road; go L or straight to parking lot for Earl Grey Pass Trail; driven 07/78 & 07/09

DELPHINE FSR: goes R off Toby Creek FSR at km. 28.5; driven to Mt. Nelson trailhead in 08/00;

SOUTH PLACER FSR: goes L off Toby Creek FSR at km. 28.5; not explored

COPPERCROWN FSR: goes L off Toby Creek FSR at km. 32.5; not explored

SOUTH PLACER FSR: goes L off Toby Creek FSR at km. 33.4; not explored

JUMBO CREEK FSR: goes R at end of Toby Creek FSR @ km. 37.6; re-set odometer; @ km. 5, turn left (signed “Jumbo Pass”) & cross to S. bank of Jumbo Creek

PERRY CREEK FSR: turn left onto King St. NW at the stoplight in Cranbrook as you come from the west; drive this paved road north (this becomes Wycliffe Road; at km. 12, turn L onto signed road for Wycliffe Park; at km. 3.5, go L (R is St. Mary River road); at km. 15.1 (km. 14 sign), bear R; at km. 20, go straight on a lesser road; at km. 25, turn L & cross Perry Creek bridge; at km. 28.5, cross Galway Creek bridge; past bridge, go R; beyond, road may become marshy; at km. 33.8 is parking for Richmond Lake trail; at km. 34.3 is Goldrun Lake trailhead and camping; driven 7/09; road beyond this may lead to Perry Pass

LISBON CREEK FSR: goes right off Perry Creek FSR @ km. 12.6


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