Walking up the creek is a good early season hike along a spectacular creek and waterfall. Grohman Creek also gives a backdoor entrance to Pulpit Rock.

Drive: Start at Marsden Rd by Taghum.
3km Turn left (north) up the west side of Grohman Creek
6km Left goes up Baldface Creek. Right continues up Grohman Creek
8km At junction: Straight continues north up Grohman Creek towards the summit.
Right crosses the bridge. Take sharp right after bridge onto a less defined logging road that takes you back down the valley on the south side of the creek. Reach area of private houses that gets confusing. Walk main road to ascent to power lines. Leave road uphill on power line right-of-way. This is the detour for back access to Pulpit Rock.

1. Baldface Creek.  This would be the standard way to climb Mount Grohman. A spur road goes 2km to Baldface Lodge at 6700 feet. There will be snow here often well into July. From the lodge, a snowcat trail leads to the south ridge of Mt Grohman. Go north over a long series of up and down bumps towards the summit of Grohman.
2. Right stays on Grohman Road 18.5km. Climb SW ridge 2 hours up
3. Back way to Pulpit: in 1993 must go through Karen McDonald’s property to get to Pulpit. Now ascend up the power line right-of-way.

From Baldface Lodge.
Elevation gain: 800′
Key elevations: Baldface Lodge 6700; Summit 7531′
Time: 7 hours round trip
Season: June through October
Access: moderate
Map: 82F/11 Kokanee Creek

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