MOUNT FENNELL   2476m   8123′
PAUPO MOUNTAIN   2444m   8018′
Fennell forms the west boundary and Paupo the north boundary of Blue Grouse Basin. Both are minor walkups from the basin. Before Enterprise Creek Road was impassable at 5km, Blue Grouse Basin was a common day hike for KMC club trips. Usually both these summits were climbed during those day trips. 

Difficulty: Easy walk ups from Blue Grouse Basin
Elevation gain: 1200 and 1300 foot ascents from the basin.
Key elevations: Blue Grouse Basin 6800′, Summit Paupo 8018′; Summit Fennell 8123′
Time: Each 45-60 minutes from basin
Season: mid-July through September.
Access: Difficult with closure of Enterprise Creek Road at 5km. Requires a 7.8 bicycle ride on a good gradual road to access the original trailhead.
Map: 82F/14 Slocan

Access: From Blue Grouse Basin.  

From the old miner’s cabin in the meadow. Continue to another ruined cabin to look down on Fennel Lakes. Climb Fennel by the north ridge. Or climb Paupo and then the N ridge of Fennell.

Walk to the head of the basin. The southwest ridge is challenging with few solid holds and a chimney to negotiate. Most ascend by the trail on the right. Bump on ridge. Summit 3hrs from old TH.
Large grassy area on top as big as a football field.

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