MOUNT CORNFIELD   2543m   7750’
Many nice ridge hikes with good views. Close to Nelson geographically but a long way through the bush. 
With lots of mining ruins, this is a good place to poke around. But the approach is very long – and thus has only been climbed as an overnight trip on skis.

Difficulty: B2.5
Elevation gain:
Key elevations:
Season: July through October
Access: Long and difficult access and approach.
Map: 82F/11 Kokanee Peak

 Drive: From Nelson, drive 14.5km east on 3A and turn left (north) on Sitkum Creek FSR at Nine Mile. Zero odometer.
0.0 Drive ~14km on rough Sitkum Creek FSR. Turn left onto Kane or Granger Road and continue to the Alpine road (4WD) and the old Alpine Mine at the base of Mt Cornfield. The road has been blockaded at about 10-11kms. It was unmaintained and had so much deadfall, it must be walked anyway. 

Route from the mine: A 30-minute scramble takes you up to the first peak 7730’ 816-033 on the east end of the “Cornfield Ridge”. Descend 200’ and follow the undulating, corniced ridge in a northwesterly direction for about 1.25km to the summit of Mt Cornfield, the furtherst peak on the ridge. Tricky parts so classified B2.5.


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