MT CODY   2470M   8100′
Cody is an uncommonly climbed mountain and saw no mining activity. It sits on the northwest end of the west ridge of  Carlyle between West Cody and Carpenter creeks. The larch in the fall are wonderful. A nice loop hike is possible. 

Difficulty: C2
Elevation gain: 2200′
Key elevations: Park ~5900′. Summit 8100′
Season: July through October
Assess: Difficult 
Map: 82F/14 Slocan.

Drive: Carpenter Creek Rd: 
From New Denver, drive Highway 31A east for about 8.4 km (5.2 miles). Zero odometer. 0.0 Drive the Sandon road southeast to Sandon
7.0km Go left to Cody, and cross to the north side of Carpenter Creek (bridge).
From the bridge, drive 4.2kms – the road bends south and crosses to the west bank to a log landing. Park. Cody is 1.5kms directly above to the west. 

Route: Start due west walking to the right (north) of the east ridge of Cody. Angle NW at the base of the cliffs and ascend the north ridge of Cody. Follow the pleasant ridge south to the summit.
Descend the same way. Or better yet, continue SSE along the ridge or in the bowl on its east side and descend to the end of the Carpenter Creek Road. It is then only about 1.5km to the turn to the log landing and the cars.
Of if one is very energetic, follow the ridge around the headwaters of Carpenter Creek to the mine below the west ridge of Mt. Carlyle. From the col find the old mining trail that leads to the mine. The mine has a long shaft that looks quite stable but all the buildings are flat. A trail descends the entire valley to Cody. An intact cabin is near the mine on that trail.
From the mine, another trail descends to a rock field and some minor bush more directly to the end of the Carpenter Creek Road. 

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