One of the few locations where public land reaches Highway 6 in the lower Slocan Valley is the three kilometres between Slocan Park and Passmore. This is also where the power line coming from South Slocan crosses to go up Koch Creek. Park at the electrical substation at Passmore. 

Difficulty: B2
Elevation gain: 400m +
Key elevations: Highway 6
Distance: 1km +
Time: 4-6 hours 
Season: April to November
Access: Easy (paved highway)
Map: 82F/12 Passmore

Drive: From Nelson or Castlegar. Hwy 3A/Hwy 6 – 15.6km to Upper Passmore Rd 
Start at the Playmor Junction, the junction of Highways 6 and 3A between Nelson and Castlegar. Turn north on Hwy 6 up the Slocan Valley. 
The southern Valhallas are accessed from the Upper Passmore Road. There is a large transformer station at the turn. This is 12.1kms south of Winlaw on Hyw 6. 

Route: There is no trail. Exploration reveals a low elevation, steep hike with great views. It can be done early or late in the season. Wildflowers in season are on the open meadows. Easy bushwhacking when necessary. There is lots of opportunity to explore. Mountain goats are frequently seen in this area from below.  

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