ROAD ACCESS – Goat Range

GOAT CREEK ROAD: not explored

LYLE CREEK ROAD: turn R off Hwy 31A at the Retallack townsite, 26 km. from Kaslo; drive through open section; go sharp R at .2 km. (signed “private property”) ; @ km. 1, go up and L; @ km. 1.3, go R; @ km. 1.6 cross Lyle Creek bridge; @ km. 2.9 pass through gate; @ km. 3, go straight; @ km. 3.4 go straight; @ km. 3.5 go L and up; parked @ km. 4.5, but could drive another 100-200 m. to Lyle Lakes trailhead (not as much parking at very end); driven 08/09; good quality road; did not see any signage on road saying Lyle Lakes or Mt. Brennan

ROSSITER CREEK FSR: turn N. off Hwy. 31A 23 km. from Kaslo (or 3.7 km. E. of Retallack)just before the Rossiter Creek bridge; road immediately goes back toward Kaslo and bends left by sign “Wagon Road”; at km. 2.4 go L (Rossiter East FSR goes R); cross Rossiter Crk.; spur R @ km. 7.4; spur R @ km. 8.5; stopped by snow on road at km. 8.7, GR 925-437, 5006; 2WD to this point; walked road on snow to seeming end at 934-451, 7059′; both trim & 1 50,000 maps are accurate; it is an old mine road; avalanche debris blocks road above ca. 6500′; driven & walked 06/09 at km. 7.2 an old mine rd. enters the clearcut from L (lower of two old rds. and 100 m. below a junction; park vehicle, walk .8 km. down to Lyle Crk.; bridge washed out; fordable from mid-August; join Lyle Crk. rd. 300 m. beyond crk.; continue 1.5 km. to trailhead; (I think this is now the access to Mt. Brennan as of summer 2000; ugly) not explored

ROSSITER E. FSR: goes R off Rossiter FSR @ km. 2.4; not explored

WHITEWATER CREEK: turn R off Hwy 31A at the Retallack townsite, 26 km. from Kaslo; drive through open section; go straight at .2 km.; go L @ km. 1.4; go up 3 switchbacks; take L fork at km. 3.2; park at km. 4.3; trail sign here; driven 08/09

RIGHT SPUR OF WHITEWATER CREEK ROAD: take right fork @ km. 3.2; drove for 800 m. in 08/09; Paul says this does continue, maybe to houses.

TEN MILE CREEK FSR: turn R off Hwy 31A 18 km. from Kaslo; not explored

BLUE RIDGE FOREST ACCESS ROAD: turn off Highway 31A 12.4 km W. of Kaslo (that’s past the Keen Crk. turn-off); there is a prominent BCFS sign labeling the road; diagonal up and L. to a jct. at .5 km (signed below that for “:K & S Wagon Road”); take L fork through logged-over area; keep L. at 4.4 km.; cross concrete bridge @ 6 km; keep L. at 11.3 km (Spur 100 goes R); at 13.4 km, bear up & R (lower L rd. ends in 300 m.); road leaves top of clearcut at km. 13.9 and goes through forest (obviously an old mining road); at 16.2 km. reach Empire Basin cabin and park at sharp switchback to R.; route to Blue Ridge goes up diagonally through meadow behind cabin; drove road about 300 m. beyond, but stopped by deadfalls 9/99; John Stewart says the road continues for 3 km. to the Emerald Mine site; mostly good quality 2WD; 4WD above last cutblock; 2 hrs. 10 min. back to Nelson

BUCHANAN LOOKOUT ROAD: leave #31A 11.6 km. W. of Kaslo; beginning of road is signposted; go R @ km. .5 (signed); go L @ km. 2.2 (signed) 12 km. to lookout; 2WD but a bit rough in places

MILFORD PEAK ROAD: turn L & uphill off Buchanan Lookout road at (I think) km. 8.5; waterbar on road; it goes up fairly steeply & then levels off; at .7 km., keep R; at 2.4 km. stopped by fallen tree; walked road rest of way to 7300′ bump S. of microwave tower; roadbed in excellent shape although it does steepen at end; explored in 8/97

SPUR TO MICROWAVE COL: just below base of 7300′ bump on S side a spur goes R & down; this leads to the ridge between u/n 7300′ & u/n 7586′ microwave peak; walked this road in 8/97; it would be driveable

MEADOW MTN. ROAD: follow Hwy. #31 to Meadow Creek; just S. of Duncan Dam, turn L. onto Meadow Creek Rd. and follow it ca. 5 km to Meadow Mtn. road; turn L; keep L on the main road; takes you to 7000′ 26.8 km to the cabin a few 100 m. before the pass ; driven Sept 2000 and Aug 2001; good quality road with some 4WD once you leave the cutblocks; 2 hr. 40 min. fr. home to cabin

WILSON LAKE ROAD: turn R off Hwy 6 at 9.2 km. N. of Summit Lake Provincial Park; go through Box Lake Lumberyard and keep to mainline, avoiding several spurs; at km. 3.5 go left (signed); at km. 5.3, keep right; keep right at km. 6.5 (West Wilson Road goes L); go left at km. 7.5; go left at km. 8.1; go left at big junction at km. 9.7 (about 544-641); at big junction at km. 10.9, right fork goes to Harlow Creek; driven 10/04, 9/05, & 6/06; 2WD but rough, stoney roadbed

HARLOW CREEK ROAD: turn right off Wilson Lake road, coming from N, at km. 10.9 (not signed) and re-set odometer; go left at km. 4 and cross creek (right branch could go toward Summit Pk.); keep right at switchback at km. 7.3; road ends in landing at km. 8.6 (588-598, 6145′); good 2WD all the way; driven 10/04, 9/05, 6/06

HARLOW CREEK SPUR RIGHT: turn right off Harlow @ km. 4; this is not driveable more than 50m.; hiked from Harlow mainline @ 4810′ 570-609 along a rude ATV track which became a trail to lakes at 559-590, 6550’in 9/05 & 6/06

WILSON CREEK ROAD (SOUTHERN ACCESS): turn off Hwy. 6 at Rosebery onto “East Wilson Crk. FSR; at km 2.6 Hicks Crk. road goes R

HICKS ROAD: gives access to Alps Altura Trail; turn R off Wilson Creek road at 2.6 km; re-set odometer; at km 2.7, stay L; at km. 10.3, pass Dennis Crk. trail head; at km. 22.3, continue straight to upper cut block; at 22.6, stay L and down, crossing over a culvert; there is a new spur road going straight here; do not take as you will wind up on the S. side of the Martin-Monitor col; at 23.4 km, turn L at Alps Alturus trail sign; continue 2 km back across cutblock, following signs; ends at km. 25.4 at post marking trail head; we drove about 500 m. past this on old mining road; there is a small turn around spot but no flats for turning in (about 5.4 km. from new spur turnoff; for trail be careful crossing basin; do not take trail R to cabin (never saw this problem; driven and hiked 9/99; 4WD hc; low range for last .5 km; main haul road has water bars removed and new culverts added; 2.5 hrs. from Nelson to trail head; drove to parking lot in 7/02; road beyond blocked by deadfalls


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