MOUNT GIEGERICH   2449m   8035′
Giegerich plays second fiddle to the stars of Glory Basin – Mts John Carter and Outlook. The only practical access to Glory Basin is now via the core area of Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Giegerich isn’t visible from there. With t
he closure of the campground at Sapphire Lakes, Giegerich would most commonly be climbed as a day hike from Gibson Lake or the core area of the park.

Difficulty: A1 from Glory Basin  
Elevation gain: 187m (614′) from Lemon Pass 
Key elevations: Sapphire Lakes 7380′, Summit 8035′
Distance: 800m from Lower Sapphire Lake
Time: 5 hours return from Kaslo Lake, 1 hour from Lemon Pass. 
Season: Mid July through Septembet
Access: Easy from Glory Basin and from the core area of Kaslo Lake. 
Map: 82K/14 Slocan & 82K/11 Kokanee Peak 

Access/Route: The only practical way to access Mt Giegerich is from Glory Basin. The summit is only 800 metres northwest from the shoreline of the Lower Sapphire Lake. And 187m vertical above Lemon Pass. Reach the summit by the easy obvious route in about 30 minutes from Lemon Pass. 
Besides the KMC summit register, the Giegerich family time capsule is also in the cairn. 

Descent. Descend the west ridge. Visit the lakes and their outlet streams before descending Outlook Creek, the classic hiker trail back down to Garland Lake.

What to do?
1. Climb Mount Nansen 2469m (8120′) – it is only 1km from the summit of Giegerich. Or if really energetic, climb Mt Robert Smith 2446m (8025′), a mountain in the middle of nowhere. 
Before Enterprise Creek FSR closed, the main access to Nansen – and certainly Mt Robert Smith and Boomerang was via Timber Creek FSR. 



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