MOUNT NANSEN   2475m   8,025′
MOUNT ROBERT SMITH   2446m   8,025′
Mt Robert Smith and Boomerang are on the west boundary of Kokanee Glacier PP. With Enterprise Creek Road blocked at 5 kilometres, access to these peaks is very difficult from this direction – 15 kms of gravel road and 2500 feet elevation gain.
Access from Glory Basin is also difficult as camping is not allowed at Sapphire Lakes. 

Key Elevations: Roads: Block Enterprise at 5km ~3500′; beginning Timber Creek Rd at 11.9 ~4270′, 7.9km on Timber Creek Rd (Park) ~6000′
Boomerang 8235′, Robert Smith 8,025′, Nansen 8,025′, Giegerich 8035′

Drive: Enterprise Creek
From Slocan City: 15.5 km (9.6 miles) north on Highway 6, turn right on Enterprise Creek Forest Service Road on the north bank of Enterprise Creek,, or
From Silverton: 11.7 km (7.3 miles) south, turn left (east) onto the Enterprise Creek FSR.
0.0 Start east on Enterprise Ck Rd. Marked by a BC Parks sign. Pavement ends.
5km Road closed by a landslide. The road to the Enterprise TH is good and easy to bicycle. At 7.9km, bear left.
11.9km Turn right onto Timber Creek Rd. Left goes to Kokanee Glacier PP in .4km via Blue Grouse Basin and Enterprise Creek. Zero odometer.
0.0 Start south on Timber Creek Rd.
0.3km Go left onto older road.
1.2km Stay straight (spur to right).
4.0km Stay straight (spur to left).
5.4km Go left.
7.3km Bridge removed, park.
Route: Follow the old logging road north, crossing two creeks along the way. After 0.5 km, the road divides. Take the north fork for 100 meters, and turn straight uphill (east) through the cutblock to the woods above (there is reasonable bushwhacking in the woods), directly towards the summit of Robert Smith.
Most groups would continue along the ridge south over an intermediary bump and climb Mount Nansen.

From Lemon Pass or Sapphire Lakes, climb 600 feet to the summit of Mt Giegerich. Descend to the col and climb Nansen, continue on to Mt Robert Smith. To get this far would require camping in Glory Basin (the campground at Sapphire Lakes is closed).

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