MOUNT KEMP   2337m   7667’
A minor peak NE of Caribou Ridge and just outside Kokanee Glacier PP. Not much of a peak but a great viewpoint.

Difficulty: B3
Elevation Gain: 667m (2217’)
Key Elevations: TH 1660m (5450’), Summit 2337m (7667’)
Time: 5.5 hours total
Access: Difficult LR 4WD
Map: 82F/14 Slocan

Drive: Keen Creek Road. At 5km turn left onto the signed Nashton Creek road. Zero odometer.
0.0 Change to 4WD, LR because of deep water bars.
1.3km Go straight. Right goes to Deer Creek
4km ignore side spur
4.8km Park at wide landing not far from road’s end.

Walk up the road a bit, then head up and south into the block. After 35 minutes of bushwhacking, above 1900m, the forested north face evolves into a steeper mostly open north ridge at 2100m. Reach the north ridge to the summit in 45 minutes.

Views of Kaslo, Kootenay Lake, the western Purcells including Howser Towers, and the Caribou peaks of Trafalgar, Chipman, and Satisfaction.


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