This minor league peak in the Nelson Range is on the east side of Hwy 6 between Ymir and Salmo. It is an excellent short outing for late season hikes. It stays snow free late into the season, the ascent is made from the south with excellent exposure to sunlight, and there is no bushwhacking.

Drive: From the S Ymir junction, drive 2kms south and turn east on Porcupine Creek FSR (signed by a regular road sign). Continue on the mainline across the Salmo Railway and drive for 5.8kms to a good road coming down from the north and park.

Route: Turn left (north) and walk up the road. The road ascends through a 5100’ pass and down into Oscar Creek. You can drive a part of it but it may be best to start walking on Porcupine Creek. Follow for 10 or so switchbacks for about 35-45 minutes. About 50m after passing a dug-out area (a steep grey bank on the uphill side of the road), encounter a new metal-tipped, flagged claim post on the right (downhill) side of the road. There is flagging on the left or uphill bank also. Leave the road here and follow the flagging uphill, marking a recently cut survey line that will take you right to the summit, with virtually no bushwhacking.
Watch for mine sites and buildings along the way. Although there are trees on top, the landscape is more like open parkland. The south side of the summit is made up of open shale slopes, a good spot for sunbathing.  
1.5 hours up and about 1 hour down.

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