Another subalpine lake mainly used by Fishermen. Gives access to ridges above lake leading to Wolf Peak.

Difficulty: easy A1
Elevation gain: 146m (480′)
Key elevations:
Distance: 2km
Time: 30 minutes one-way
Season: late-June through October
Access:  moderately difficult
Map: Arrow and Kootenay Lake Forest District Recreation Map

Drive: From the junction of Highway 3B and 3/6 in Salmo, drive 7.2kms south on Highway 6 towards Creston. Turn left onto “Airport Road” opposite he Kootenay Stone Centre. Go 2.3km north, crossing over the Sheep Creek bridge. Turn right onto the north side of the Sheep Creek road. Paved for .5km then turns into a good 2 WD gravel road. Zero odometer. 
0.0 Stay on the branch next to the river on the north side. 
2.7km (1.7 miles) Go right (left goes to HB Mine). 
10km Turn right and cross the bridge at the “Waldie Lake Road” sign. The road is much rougher. High clearance required on this last road. 
15.8km Wulf Lake TH. Parking limited. 

Trail: This well-built trail climbs steeply up Waldie Creek. The cool creek and shady trees are welcome on a hot day. Look for mushrooms in the fall. Wulf Lake is a popular fishing lake. There are no facilities but campers have made a small clearing near the mouth of the creek that will accommodate a tent. 

What to do?
1. Wolf Peak is at the head of the lake, and the ridges out from it are easily gained by following a trail around the shore to the head of the lake. From here it is easy walking through a subalpine meadow to the scree and talus slopes that lead to the ridge. One could easily spend a few days here, walking ridges in all directions. 
2. Photography is good especially in wildflower season around the lake, meadow and on the ridges. Come back throughout the season.
3. Mt. Waldie (7700′). From the lake, walk up some light bush straight up to the ridge, and|a short climb to the summit. There are excellent views all round, especially the peaks around Kootenay Pass. 3 hours to the top, 6.5 hours total time back to the cars. Distance about 18km round trip, with 4500 ft. elevation change.



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