PYRAMID PEAK   7,355 feet (Class 2)    ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
Pyramid Peak is located 1.25 miles south of Long Mountain.

Elevation Gain:
Key elevations:
Ascent Time:
Map: USGS Pyramid Peak

Drive: Primary access to the eastern side of the Selkirk Range is from US-2/US-95 , which runs rom Sandpoint north to the Canadian Border. The good secondary roads stay on the west side of the Kootenai River.
0.0 Take ID-1 north form its junction with US-95
1.0 m Copeland turn. Drive through Copeland and cross the Kootenai River. Continue on the West Side Road and then turn north.
Drive another 2.95 m north to the trailhead FST-221.

Map image

Trail/Route: FST-221 crosses the Parker Peak ridge to Pyramid Peak. Take FST-7 north form Trout Creek to Pyramid Pass on the peak’s NE side and climb directly to the summit from the pass.

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