GOAT MOUNTAIN   6,641 feet (Class 2)
Goat Mountain is the highest named peak in the Idaho section of the Purcells. It is located NE of Perkins Lake and 0.5 mile west of the Idaho/Montana border.

Elevation gain:
Key elevations:
Map: USGS Line Point

From Montana. Access by road to these mountains is good – perhaps too good. Primary approach is from US-2 in the south and US-95 and ID-1 along the range’s western edge. In addition, US-95 cuts across the range’s northwest corner, and the Moyie River Road and the Deer Creek Road (both major secondary roads) cut through central sections of the range from north to south.
FST-44 traverses a north/south ridge line from Keno Mountain in Montana to Line Point and Goat Mountain.
FS-627, Skin Creek Road. FS-627 leaves FS-543 where it crosses Skin Creek, and then works its way east and north to cross the Idaho/Montana just north of Goat Mountain. This route is not commonly done.

PEAK 6779   6,779 feet (Clear 2)
This unnamed summit is the highest Idaho Purcell Peak. It is located .5 mile south of Goat Mountain; its summit can be reached from the ridge between the two peaks.

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