WEST FORK MOUNTAIN  6,416 (Class 2)
This big mountain looming over West Fork Lake is 3.0m west of Long Mountain. The summit is an easy 600-foot climb from the lake. The northeast face is quite an impressive wall.

Elevation gain:
Key elevations: Summit 6,416 ft
Map: USGS Smith Peak

Drive: East side access to the Selkirk Range is from US-2/US-95, that runs from Sandpoint north to the Canadian border. Many access roads stay on the west side of the Kootenai River..
0.0 miles US-1 at Porthill on the Canadian/US border. Follow west along the border and then south
4.0 miles. Turn west up Smith Creek Road.
11.0 miles. South fork of Smith Cr Rd
12.5 miles. Left fork (right fork ends in 4 more miles to end west of Smith Peak
14.5 miles. Parking area near trailhead for FST-21

Map Image

Route: FST-21 extends roughly 4.0 miles between Hidden Lake and West Fork Lake. The trail is accessed from the end of FS-2464, which joints the trail halfway between the two lakes.

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