THE LIONS HEAD    7,288 ft.
The Lions Head stands high above Abandon, Smith and Lion Creek 1.5 miles south of Abandon Mountain and 3 miles south of West Fork Mountain. This delightful peak has twin summits,  the East and West Lions Head.

Elevation gain:
Key elevations:
Map: USGS Smith Peak

Drive: Lion Creek: ID-57 is the primary approach route into the Priest Lake section of the range. It is good paved until the west side of Priest Lake north of Nordman, where a number of Forest Service roads continue to the north.
0.0 Lion Creek Road. Access from East Side Road just south of Lionhead State Park. The road follows Lion Creek east to a point due south of The Lion Head.
Access is also possible from Smith Creek and Lookout Mountain.

Trail/Route: A sketchy trail can be followed from the road’s end to Kent Lake by following the stream bed.

West Lions Head Class 4
FA: Neil McAvoy 1964, both summits
SW face on a series of slabs with good holds and belay spots. The lower of the two summits.

East Lions Head Class 3
FA: Same as above
From the saddle just north of the peak, ascend north ridge. A friction scamper on slanting slabs.

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