SHERLOCK PEAK   6,365 ft.
This is a short but steep hike to a scenic viewpoint on top of Sherlock Peak overlooking both the Columbia and Pend Oreille River drainages. Summit baggers could extend this hike to include a cross-country walk along a mostly open ridge to Abercrombie Mountain. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Difficulty: A1
Elevation gain: 905 ft.
Key elevations: TH 5, 460 ft., High point 6,365 ft.
Distance: 2½ miles round trip
Time: 1½ hrs
Season: late June through September
Map: USGS Deep Lake

From Canada. Cross border at the Waneta crossing south of Montrose and SE of Trail. Almost immediately turn left down the Boundary Road to Leadpoint and turn left (east) on Silver Creek Road #4720.
From Colville, WA. Head east on Third Ave, where a sign points to “Ione, Newport – Highway 20”. At the edge of town, turn left (north) at the airport and go 1½ miles to a Y, staying to the right toward Northport. Follow Northport Road 24 miles to another Y, take the right toward Deep Lake. Drive 7½ miles past Deep Lake to Leadpoint.
From Northport, WA. Take the Aladdin Road east to Spirit. Turn left towards Deep Lake and drive to Leadpoint.
0.0 miles. At Leadpoint, turn right onto Silver Creek Road #4720.
0.5 miles. Bear left at a Y (there’s an undeveloped campsite here by a stream) and continue on #4720 about 1 mile and cross a cattle guard onto national forest land.
2 miles. Bear right onto Forest Road #070.
2.5 miles. Bear right at a Y onto Forest Road #075, Windy Ridge.
7 miles. Arrive at small campsite where rough roads branch to the left and right. Cars without high clearance should park here. Take left branch.
8.75 miles. 1¾ mile to trail head.

Map Image.

Trail/Route: The trail is steep but it is only 1¼ miles to the ridge. Hike about ½ mile to an open area, where there is a cold spring, the only water on the trail. At the top of the ridge, the trail splits. Bear left, going across and down the other side of the ridge and to the south. The trail is faint, but from here it makes no difference. Sherlock lies to the north (left), an easy ½-mile cross-country away.

From the top, enjoy views of the Columbia River Valley, the Salmo-Priest Wilderness, many peaks in Canada and, on a clear day, the North Cascades. Using a topo map, one can easily plot a cross-country hike through the sparsely timbered saddles 4 miles north to Ambercrombie Peak.                                                              



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