The Seven Summits Trail has achieved notoriety as the primo mountain bike ride – 31 kilometres along a high ridge at an elevation averaging 6500 feet. Surprisingly, not one of the seven summits is actually traversed on the trail, their summits are all accessed by side trails. 
Fast hikers can do this in one long day – they may even be able to get to a few summits along the way. There are no established campsites and no water along the entire length. The trail tread is often reduced to fine powder by all the bikers making for a dusty walk. The scenery is average so there is little point to extending a backpack to enjoy the sights.
The trail is virtually always done from north to south – there is a slight elevation drop in that direction. It is always possible to do parts of the trail – obvious exit points would be the Hanna Creek Trail off Unnecessary Ridge or at Red Mountain ski hill. If hiking, a shuttle vehicle is necessary.

Location: The spine of the Rossland Range from Nancy Greene Summit to Record Ridge on the Old Cascade Highway.
Difficulty: D2
Elevation gain/loss: Gain 732m (2400′); Loss 1128m (3700′)
Key elevations: North TH 1575m (5166′); High Point at 7.5kms 2200m (7216′); South TH 1412m (4630′)
Distance: 31kms (19mi)
Time: 10+ hours
Access: Any vehicle
Season: June through October
Map: 82F/4 Rossland/Trail

South Trailhead at Record Ridge
 From the Mining Museum, drive .4km and turn right onto the Old Cascade Highway. Pavement ends in .8km.

12.6km Park on the right at 1412m (4630′)
North Trailhead at Nancy Greene Summit (Strawberry Flats) – Drive north on Hwy 3B 20km (12.4mi) to the Nancy Greene Summit at 1575m (5166′). Park at the paved highway parking area.

0.0 North TH. From the parking area on the highway, start on a gravel road for over 3km – 2WD
2.2km More parking. Road impassable past here.
6.4kms 2110m (6920′) Saddle south of Mt Lepsoe. Climb 80m (240′) to the summit of Mt Lepsoe 2180m (7152′)
7.5km High point at 2200m (7216′). The ridge is to the west of Mt Plewman.
9km Climb 90m (300′) to the top of Mt Plewman 2241m (7351′).
10.3km Plewman Basin Trail descends from Unnecessary Ridge  720m (2360′) in 5kms to Hwy 3B.
Climb 345m (1130′) in 2.5km to the summit of Old Glory 2377m (7795′)
13.7km Hanna Creek Trail descends 415m (1316′) in 3.3km to Highway 3B.
15.5km Saddle between Mt Kirkup and Grey Mt. Climb 124m (408′) to the summit of Mt Kirkup 2066m (6778′)
Climb 60m (200′) to the summit of Grey Mt 2050m (6725′).
Descend 7 switchbacks to the Long Squaw ski run. To descend from here, it is 7kms on a very steep, rough ATV track down Long Squaw. Descending on South Side Road would be a better idea.  
Climb 160m (525′) to the summit of Granite Mt 2038m (6686′). (There needs to be seven summits?)
Climb 12 switchbacks.
19.1km White Wolf Ridge 1991m (6530′)
20.3km Record Notch
21.4km North end of Record Ridge 2027m (6650′). Climb 92m (302′) to the summit of Record Mt 2120m (6952′). Start a long traverse down the west side of Record Ridge to a low point, cross to the east side and descend meadows and the rocky ridge around or over the top of the Rock Knob 1760m (5774′).
29.5km Join a road for the last 1.5kms.
31km South TH on the Old Cascade Highway 1412m (4630′). 13kms from Rossland.

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