This is a pleasant semi-developed trail close to the USA/Canada border that begins on the old Rossland to Christina Lake Cascade Highway and climbs up through treed areas to the southernmost portion of Record Ridge. 
This is the southern terminus of the Seven Summits Trail. Since that trail was developed, Record Ridge sees a lot more business. 

Location: 6kms west of Rossland
Difficulty: B1
Elevation gain: 350m (1148′)
Key elevations: TH 1410m (4630′); Elevation at 3kms 1750m (5740′); Record Mt 2112m (6929′)
Distance: 3kms (1.9mi) to high point or 7kms to Record Mt
Time: 2 hours one-way
Access: Any vehicle
Season: mid-June to early October
Map: 82F/4 Trail

Drive: From the Rossland Mining Museum and just south of the weigh scales, turn right onto the old Cascade Highway. Drive 15kms (9.3mi) SW to the height of land and park off the road.

Trail: The trail wanders through the trees and along rocky ridges before culminating at the high point of the ridge. Good views are down to Big Sheep Creek and the neighbouring mountains to the south.

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