Burdett Pk is located in the southern Purcells east of the Gray Creek Pass and south of the Gray Creek Pass road. It makes an easy day trip with a fine ridge walk, some easy scrambling and no bushwhacking. Hamish Mutch and I climbed it in late September this year and would recommend it as an especially good autumn outing. Directions follow.

Access. Drive the Gray Creek Pass road to the height of land Set your odometer. Descend into the East Kootenay side and turn sharply right i=onto a logging road at km 5.9. Keep right at 6.1. G0 right at km 7.2l At about km 8.6 park in the middle of the bottom of a cutblock. 2 WD all the way but could be muddy.

Route Description. From the bottom of the block, walk straight up a heavily-water-barred skid road to reach a horizontal road at the top of the logged area. Walk about 150′ to your left to the second of two roads heading up. Follow this fire road steeply up for about 40 minutes to its end. Then head straight up at right angles to the road, passing through light timber.
In half an hour you will reach alpine terrain and soon top out on an 8150′ bi,[ west of Burdett (262-922), your goal is clearly visible to the east at the end of a long ridge. Follow the downs and ups of the ridge to the summit of Burdett in 1 hour. Ascending form the col SE of U/n 8150′, be sure to stay right on the ridge to reach Burdett. It’s the easiest way.
Retrace your steps to your vehicle. Three hours up, 2¼ hours to return.
Allow an hour or so of driving to catch the ferry.
Map: 82F/7 Boswell.
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